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| Letter to the Editor |                            | |from Bernard Wheeler (1583)

Dear Mr Editor,                            established elsewhere.
   Congratulations on taking up the           For the past three years a ‘freelance’

reins again.                               editor who moved to Newnham has
   During the summer I had a visit from a  brought along a weird variety of people
                                           to look at the plant, but none of them is
lady with typographical interest who had   a printer. He has some odd ideas about
visited Robert Smail’s Printing Works ¹.   altering the premises, which are unlikely
                                           to progress as the building is listed.
  The lady was of the opinion that
Severnside Press ² had a much larger          If any members attending the Bristol
range of type (several hundred fonts,      Convention have useful ideas I should be
metal and wood) than the Scottish          interested to hear them: although this is
museum, and more interesting ancillary     my nearest Convention for many years I
equipment such as pinhole perforators.     am unlikely to be there, as at 92 I restrict
The machinery is almost a carbon copy      my driving to short distances.
of that in Scotland, including an Albion
(1860s), a Wharfedale (1890s), an Arab        I discovered the photograph shown
and a Heidelberg (1930s).                  below when I was going through some
                                           old correspondence – I believe it to date
  All this has lain idle since I suffered  from around 1970. I am in the centre of
two strokes in 2003. I continued to print  the picture, but I cannot now recall who
long after retirement age simply because   the others are. In those days there were
I enjoyed it. Not surprisingly, there has  frequent visitors from both Bristol and
been interest in museum projects but       Cardiff branches.
all those that made sense have been

                                                                                    Image © Bernard Wheeler

 ¹ This museum, owned now by the National Trust for Scotland, is in Innerleithen, a little
over 20 miles south of Edinburgh and only just north of the Scottish border. It featured
in an article published in the December 2012 issue of Small Printer.

 ² Bernard owns Severnside Press at Newnham, about 12 miles south-west of
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