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| From The Editor |                          | |Chris Green (7614)

Welcome to 2 – and to a ‘new-look’        Birmingham. You can’t get much more
magazine. It’s not meant to be a big         diverse than that.
change from the previous three years         From time to time you will notice
but one of my intentions is to give it a     reprints of older material – the article
more uniform look. If you ¿nd it easier      on page  is a case in point. I make
to read, and haven’t really noticed          no apology for this, for the very good
any major diɣerences, then we have           reasons that many (if not most) of our
succeeded!                                   readership will not have seen it before,
The use of ‘my’ and ‘we’ is deliberate.      and that the content is just as valid
The magazine you are holding now             today as when the article originally
would not have been possible without         appeared in print.
the considerable assistance of Ron           I welcome criticism, especially if it is
Rookes, who looks after the typesetting,     constructive. If you have any ideas about
layout, planning and liaison with the        subjects that you would like to see in
printers. You may also be aware that         Small Printer, please let me know –
Ron is also the Society Mailer, and in his   better still, of course, write an article
spare time he runs the Society website.      yourself!
Still, ‘if you want a job to be done, ask a
busy man . . .’                                  Wishing you all a Happy
At this point it would be remiss of                    and Prosperous
me not to oɣer a vote of thanks to the
previous editorial team of Tim, Giles and            Printing New Year
Kim. They have produced three years’
worth of magazines and have set a new           Name this press? 30
standard, which I shall endeavour to
maintain.                                    The Press is a Furnival Improved ‘Express’
I hope you will ¿nd something of             platen.
interest to you within these pages.          It was made by Furnival and Co of Reddish,
One of my intentions is to try to keep       Stockport, just after the middle of the 19th
items in the same place from month to        century. The company was noted for its
month, so that (for example) articles        manufacture of gas engines and the picture
from members will be towards the             shows two Furnival Presses with a gas
front, with ‘Society’ items at the back.     engine.
The Diary will be just before the cover,
with Membership and Branch news just         The press is now in a printers in Aberfeldy,
before that.                                 not very far from Pitlochry. It is a beautiful
This month there is a variety of topics.     press with a huge flywheel that is almost
They include accounts of visits to two       perpetual motion, so well is it balanced.
printing-related venues: an Italian          There was just one response to this – and it
printing museum and the NEC in               was, unfortunately, an incorrect answer.

Cover Photo: © Ron Watson. Jean talks        This is, for the time being at least, the last in
to Olivia Mills during her visit to the St   this series. The new Editor does not have the
Bride Foundation Stand at the Print Show,    resources or knowledge to continue seeking
see page                                   out unknown presses but, as always, should a
                                             volunteer come forward . . .
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