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clues which would appeal more widely         At the end of the meeting, just
to typographers.                          as Bob was leaving to start his -
                                          mile journey home, Chris put on a
   Next we looked ahead at articles and   recording from The Langford Files,
bundle items which would appear in        originally made by Roy Langford
Small Printer before April in order to    (founder of the Maidenhead Branch)
keep up the pro¿le of the Convention.     and rescued from the sale of the
This was followed by a report by Chris    contents of Tony Ray’s workshop.
about his plans for the Goody Bags        The talk is one given by John Easson
and the submission of the ¿rst two        about Printing and Publishing Poetry
items to go into them: some pads          recorded at Steventon Vicarage on
and pencils and an advertising Àyer.      2th April , with Roy Langford,
We also discussed local publicity and     Tony Ray, Richard Owen and a
Richard promised to print a large         number of other members audible.
quantity of small Àyers for distribution  It is certainly an amateur recording
to public meeting places in the New       as, towards the end, you can hear
Year.                                     telephones ringing, (perhaps wives
                                          and partners wondering where their
   Finally, we looked at the Convention   men had got to!) and one or two
organisation and programme. The           people can be heard leaving before the
times of all the events were checked on   very end of the talk! John speaks both
the master chart, a lengthy business      constantly and at a ‘fair rate of knots’
that provoked a lot of discussion.        throughout, so people who wanted
Inevitably, there will more than one      to butt in had to wait for the right
event taking place at any one time        opportunity. Altogether, the talk lasts
and sometimes, members will have to       for two hours and four minutes!
choose what to attend. However, it’s
better to have too much than too little.     One of the things that amused
Bob also produced some prototypes         Chris was that when he uploaded it
of the badges to be used at Bristol       onto his Mac, iTunes immediately
and there was unanimous approval,         scanned it through its ‘library’ to
with just a small colour change. To       try to identify the recording – and it
conclude the meeting, there was a         found something ‘close’! The ¿rst CD
brief chat about the after-Banquet        became Gefuhle by Huther, who he
entertainment and it was decided to go    thinks is a German stand up ‘comic’,
ahead with this. What’s this, you may     whilst the second CD was identi¿ed
ask? Well, we’re not revealing that at    as Brian Tracy – Superstar Selling!
present. You will have to wait until the  Chris thought that John Easson might
March issue of Small Printer when         ¿nd this amusing, and so he sent oɣ
we are proposing to publish the full      an email to ask him if he remembered
Convention Programme.                     making the recording. Sure enough he
                                          did; it was one of a number made back
   Whilst all this discussion was         in the days when the BPS had a much
in progress, Rose and Chris very          bigger membership and speakers were
kindly kept us well provided for with     in great demand.
refreshments; there was copious
tea, coɣee, sandwiches, crisps, cakes         What an interesting and productive
and biscuits. This really fuelled the     meeting! Many thanks go to all
brain cells and no-one went home          contributors.
hungry. Thank you so much for your
hospitality.                                          Bob Edwards and Chris Daniells

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