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Branch Reports

Dorset Branch                                  After the printing we enjoyed a delicious
                                            tea. Our next meeting is the Christmas
November Meeting                            gathering on Saturday 2 December at
                                            Westbury Lodge, Tarrant Gunville, where
This month the Dorset branch met            we traditionally exchange Christmas cards.
        at Whitcombe again and we had       It was agreed that the submissions for the
        an interesting session. Several of  Printers’ Pie will now be for the following
us had brought along examples of recent     meeting, on 2 January.
printing. Jean had been on a lino-printing  Ron has had a call from Wendy Smart
course and produced a delightful print of   saying the contents of her father’s print
a cottage. Frank had been experimenting     shop are now for sale.
with his Adana (with success!) and George
had brought the Publishing Group’s latest                       Win Armand Smith (10716)
collection of prints.                                        Image © Win Armand Smith

   Pat brought along a box of blocks he     Maidenhead Branch
had purchased at a vintage fair (or boot
sale). They were presumably advertising     December Meeting
golf paraphernalia. We were tested on
our knowledge of clubs, irons, woods,       The meeting of BPS Maidenhead
putters, etc. and the purpose of some of             Branch on th December was
the equipment. In fact as a group we knew            held at the home of Chris &
almost nothing about golf which was quite   Rose Daniells in High Wycombe.
surprising! We are sticking to printing.    Since the January meeting will be the
Below is a sample of some of the prints     Branch New Year Lunch, there will
that Jean took oɣ the blocks. She and Ron   only be two more opportunities for
very kindly brought her Adana x with      members to discuss the Convention so,
them to the meeting.                        not surprisingly, minds were focussed
                                            to get as much ¿nalised as possible.

                                               Bob reported on the steadily
                                            increasing number of bookings and
                                            also the impressive number of tables
                                            sold for the Print Show; there are
                                            just a handful left out of more than
                                             available. He also reported that a
                                            total of six speakers are lined up to
                                            give talks at the Convention, again a
                                            satisfying number. Following some
                                            discussion about competitions, it
                                            was decided that we should have two
                                            diɣerent varieties. Paul oɣered to
                                            devise a really hard set of questions
                                            for printers and Janet said she would
                                            work on thinking up some cryptic
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