Page 17 - January 2016
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Attention all Overseas Members!

The BPS Executive Council has decided to offer an alternative form of
membership to both existing and new members who live overseas. This will
take effect from 1st January 2016, with the first members affected being those
due to renew their subscriptions on 28th January.
Overseas members may continue to pay the full subscription of GB£42 and
receive their hard copy of Small Printer monthly by post as usual, or may pay
a reduced subscription of GB£27 for receipt of the magazine electronically by
downloading it from the Members’ Only Area of the BPS website or it can be
read online.
The Members’ Only Area of the website requires online registration to gain
access to it. The website can be found at Details will be
on the Renewal Forms from January.
All overseas members will continue to receive their copies of the Overseas
Branch Newsletter and the annual Membership List by post, regardless of the
type of membership held.

                                                      Margaret Rookes, Membership Secretary

           Robert Atkins (7184)

 We have been advised of the death of one of our longer-standing members,
 Robert Atkins, who joined the Society in 1986. He was 85.

 Robert was a printer of many years’ experience in both letterpress and litho.
 He was a quiet man with a good depth of knowledge about his subject;
 in retirement he was keen to share that knowledge with others and he
 helped out regularly at a museum in Tilbury. Unfortunately lack of volunteers
 prevented the project from growing to meet his ambitions to have a regular
 working letterpress print shop as part of the museum.
 Robert and his wife, Jillian, were regulars at Conventions where he often
 helped with talks and demonstrations.

 He was a keen Christian who had trained for Ministry in the Church of
 England. He carried on printing and distributing regular newsletters for his
 local church and would often produce extras to go into the envelopes for
 the Sussex Cup at Conventions.
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