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| Citta di Castello in Umbria | | |Win Armand Smith (10716)

If you are on holiday in Tuscany      workshop on the same premises
      or Umbria it is worth taking a  today. He gave me a warm
      diversion to Citta di Castello  welcome as a printing enthusiast
to see the Museo della Graphica at    (and I am sure that those of you
 Corso Cavour. This is a museum      who actually know how the various
of typography, lithography,           machines work would be given
letterpress and copperplate           an even warmer welcome). The
printing.                             museum entrance from the street
                                      is through a small door and up a
   The town is approached through     steep staircase but if you ring the
a rather unpromising landscape        bell you can make use of a chairlift.
of endless ┬┐elds of tobacco
production and an urban sprawl           Before the typographer, Donati,
of commercial shopping centres,       took it over the building had been
but it is worth keeping the faith     a church, a convent and a prison.
and heading for the historic walled   There had been printing, mostly
town.                                 for religious purposes, in Citta
                                      di Castello since  but the
   The museum is in a printworks      new print workshop introduced
founded in  by Francesco          new machinery and the studio
Donati, and his direct descendant,    became well known for books and
Giovanni Ottaviani, runs the same
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