Page 13 - January 2016
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| Convention 2016 Update |                          | |Bob Edwards (9527)

A provisional list of Exhibitors at the Convention Print & Craft Show Exhibitors looking
forward to meeting you.

Martin Andrews                      Len Friend
Print Historian & Book Collector    Crescent Card Company

Katherine Anteney                   Chris Green
Printmaker - Bookbinder             Our new Editor. Give him some copy!

Alan Brignull                       Libby Green
Hedgehog Press                      BPS Library

Angie Butler                        Nick Hand
Centre for Fine Print Research UWE  Letterpress Collective

Stephen Byrne                       Gwen Harper
Miniature Books                     Skills Station

Richard Caslon                      Paul Hatcher
Caslon Ltd                          Allamanda Press

Cornelius Cornes                    Owen Legg
Mandu Press                         Woodcraft Press

Chris Daniells                      Robin Munday
End of the Road Press               Perry Print

Andrew Dolinski                     Richard Owen
The Carpathian Foundry              Tiger Design + Print

John Easson                         Paul Warne
Quarto Press                        Warple Press

Bob Edwards
Advantage Press

BPS Maidenhead Branch have printed a bulk quantity of A6 flyers advertising the Print
& Craft Show at Bristol.

   Do you live within a reasonable distance of Bristol? If so, then, in the New Year could
you deposit flyers in suitable places (for example libraries or colleges) and at any other
print or craft events in your area?

   If you are willing to help us advertise the Print Show to the public, please email
details of your location to Bob Edwards at

  Your assistance will be appreciated.

   Goodie Bags If any members are minded to print items for the Convention Goodie
Bags, we would love to know about them as soon as possible, and better still, receive
them before the event. For example, it could be an advertising flyer for what you are
selling on your stall. Chris Daniells is preparing 100 bags and he would love to hear
from you. Please email him on

   For those new to Conventions, you will be given a Goodie Bag when you check in
at the hotel. The Bag will contain a miscellany of items, ranging from examples of
members’ own printing through leaflets of local interest to the area to various puzzles,
that should take care of any spare time you have during the weekend.
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