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school students. A bookbinder and wood        areas where talks and demonstrations
engraver were also present. One half of       took place during the day. These were
their stand was given over to an Intertype    mostly concerned with various ways in
machine, which was producing name             which business could be improved. I am
slugs; these were then blind-embossed         sure these could be very useful, although
onto the front cover of a notebook or diary.  sometimes they can be over-loaded with
This was a popular attraction, with several   detail that is diɤcult to absorb in 
customers taking part. While Jean waited      minutes. Some seem to be more style over
for her two books to be completed, we         substance – or is it just that the topics are
were told a story relating to the Intertype:  not relevant to me?
as it was being installed, the false Àoor
started to break under the weight and            One of the more interesting things to
had to be reinforced. As the stands all had   be announced the day before the show got
carpets laid, this did not go down very well  under way was the intention of the IPEX
with the staɣ at the time. However, it all    organisers to run their show in autumn
came right on the day.                        of 2, just as the future dates for ‘The
                                              Print Show’ were published. We will have
   Jean and I followed our usual routine      to wait and see how the companies resolve
of viewing the stands around the walls        this issue, either as separate shows, or by
of the hall and then moving through           combining the two.
the aisles, where the larger stands were
situated. There were several lecture          All images © Ron Watson

The Printing Bike on which Nick Hand cycled from Bristol to Mainz and the Gutenberg Museum,
printing on his Adana at places he visited on the way. Hopefully Nick will be bringing it along for
his talk at the Bristol Convention.
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