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| The Print Show at the NEC |                | |Ron Watson (6955)

Jean and I travelled to Birmingham to        visual headset; these transported you to
       look round this show. The three days  a company in Germany where you could
       of ‘The Print Show’ had got underway  watch an actual machine printing and
on the previous day, with visitors queuing   changing jobs. While I did not try this out,
at the door. There had been much             I believe it lasted around three minutes.
speculation as to whether or not it would
be a success: the traders in the hall were      I hope that the success of this year’s
all nervous as this was the ¿rst show        event will convince a major manufacturer
after the less-than-outstanding IPEX the     to bring a machine along, which would
previous year. Pre-registrations for the     help bring a more rounded appeal to the
show indicated there could be several        show.
thousand visitors, although these cannot
be relied on as an accurate estimate. As it
turned out the ¿gures were in the region
of , over the three days, with around
2, attending on the Wednesday.

Model of the Manroland litho machine         The Intertype machine

   After the show the organisers                St Bride’s Foundation had a fairly large
commented on the large number of sales       stand area, where they had on display
that were transacted within two hours of     an Albion, a Columbian and a couple
the doors opening on the ¿rst day. This      of proo¿ng presses, all of which were
trend continued throughout the three         operational. In addition an Adana x
days and several of the larger traders       was being used to overprint book marks,
have committed to attending the event in     and this was a big hit with a group of
2. From a personal point of view, I was
disappointed with one company, which
I had thought was going to have a large
litho machine on its stand. Unfortunately
they had a very small model of one of their
machines together with a very high-tech
video presentation. Watching this meant
donning a pair of headphones and a
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