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    The second parts of both books are in                                      could be combined
some ways more interesƟng: Brown briefly                                        with leƩerpress.
describes how to set up a leƩerpress business,                                 Throughout they
what to produce, selling and markeƟng;                                         give many colour
while Saunders & Chiplis consider how to                                       illustraƟons of
instruct and engage students to produce and                                    contemporary US
criƟque a leƩerpress project, with chapter                                     arƟsƟc leƩerpress
heading such as 'envisioning the object' and                                   pracƟce; these are
'assessing the object envisioned'. Saunders &                                  very interesƟng,
Chiplis are also much more concerned with                                      although you may
the arƟsƟc end of leƩerpress prinƟng and                                       have to hunt for
consider other methods of relief prinƟng that                                  the capƟons to
                                                                               the photos.

                                                                                   In the end, both
                                                                               books try to cover
                                                                               too much in one
                                                                               small volume: each
                                                                               really contains two
                                                                               separate books,
                                                                               which, alone, could
                                                                               be expanded
                                                                               to cover their
                                                                               area adequately.
                                                                               However, both
                                                                               books are
                                                                               useful: Brown
                                                                               is probably the
                                                                               beƩer introducƟon
                                                                               to leƩerpress
                                                                               prinƟng; while
                                                                               Saunders & Chiplis
                                                                               is an interesƟng
                                                                               insight into how
                                                an educaƟonal leƩerpress shop operates, its
                                                philosophy and teaching methods, and would
                                                also be a useful course guide to anyone going
                                                to study there.
                                                   Brown finishes most incongruously with
                                                a 43-page glossary of printer's terms, mainly
                                                from Jacobi's 1888 Printer's Vocabulary. Many
                                                of these are archaic and unusual, and are
                                                likely to only confuse the newcomer: Have
                                                you any idea what the following terms mean
                                                in a prinƟng context? Balaam, Barged Case,
                                                BoƩle-arsed, Bullock's Heart, Jigger.
                                                   Answers next month…
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