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                                                      ... by Paul Hatcher (10648)

A 21st-century Guide to the LeƩerpress                 OU MAY remember that in late 2014
Business: How to acquire, restore, operate,             the editor published an extract from
and turn a profit with your platen press                 the first book above and when I
by Marty Brown                                commented upon it in a leƩer suggested that
                                              I might like to review the book. I agreed, but
½›ãã›ÙƒÙù ÖٛÝÝ, ÖÊÙ㽃ė, Êٛ¦ÊÄ, ç݃. ϐώϏώ  found it difficult to find the right tone for the
Öͭ ϐϑώ ø ϏϓϓÃà | ϏϔϗÖÖ | γϏϒ-ϗϗ              review. Much more recently I obtained a copy
                                              of the second book above and a joint review
For the Love of LeƩerpress, a prinƟng         then fell into place.
handbook for instructors and students            Between them these two books describe
by Cathie Ruggie Saunders & Martha Chiplis    the leƩerpress journey that many currently
                                              take in the United States: become interested
½ÊÊÃݐçÙù, ½ÊėÊÄ. ϐώϏϑ                      in leƩerpress; go on a course; acquire a
Öͭ ϐϒϓ ø ϏϗώÃà | ϏϔώÖÖ | γϏϔ-ϗϗ              large platen and a Boxcar base; enter the
                                              leƩerpress wedding invitaƟon business and
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