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FROM THE                             FROM THE
PRESIDENT                            EDITOR

      ADLY the summer has                  AM starƟng this editorial by parƟcularly addressing
        come and gone already,             (and welcoming!) the eleven new members who have
        how the months fly by.              joined our society within the last three months. New
   At the end of the year our         members are the life blood that we need and I believe that
editor Tim Honor is stanading         the content and interest provided by our monthly magazine
down. He has supplied us all          is vital to them—and of course, all other members. Thus
with an informaƟve, interesƟng        the editorial team would be most grateful if new members
and colourful magazine for            could respond with comments and suggesƟons as to what
several years. I look forward to it   you most would like to see in Small Printer. This might be
dropping through the leƩerbox         'less leƩerpress'—'more historical features'—more 'How it
at the beginning of each month.       is done'—'Hints and Tips'—etc, etc.
Thanks Tim, it's a good read.            So please don't hesitate to email us with your thoughts.
   So far the advert for the          You will have gleaned my driŌ of the importance of
posiƟon in Small Printer has had      geƫng more acƟve members into the society. With the
no response. This will give the       re-emergence of leƩerpress, both as a hobby and a small
E.C. a difficult decision to make at    commercial enterprise, I also believe that the Ɵme is right
thier meeƟng on the 10th of this      for us to further market ourselves as the 'Friendly Society'
month. EdiƟng the magazine by         that can reach out and provide help and assistance from
commiƩee simply won't work.           within the ranks of the BPS where so much experience lies.
   If you would like to take on       I have said many Ɵmes, that I would not have been able
this important posiƟon please         to make a success of my own prinƟng company, without
contact me by email: president@       tapping the knowledge base of members and the open way or our secretary        in which they gave of this knowledge.
Peter Salisbury: secretary@              To this end I have sent a parcel of back numbers of Small And remember           Printer to both Caslon Ltd and The St Brides FoundaƟon.
other members are available           There are regular leƩerpress work-shops at St Brides
to assist and support you if          and I have asked Richard Lawrence, who runs most of
required. Giles our graphic           the courses, to menƟon the BPS and provide them with
designer has offered to conƟnue        a copy of Small Printer (and suggest that they join our
providing assistance with             society!) I have also asked Roy Caslon to give out a copy
design and layout, such an            of the magazine to those who buy an Adana or leƩerpress
important part of the publicaƟon.     equipment from him in the hope of again aƩracƟng more
Thanks Giles.                         prospecƟve mew members.
                                         And finally a plug for the UK Fine Press Book Fair, being
                                      held at Brookes University Oxford on 31st October and 1st
                                      November. This really is a wonderful and instrucƟve day out
                                      for all those interested in fine prinƟng (hƩp://www.fpba.
                                      com/fairs/oxford.html). As your editor is off to Australia
                                      again, at the beginning of November, he may not get to the
                                      event this year. But I would ask any BPS members that do
                                      aƩend, to send me a report—plus pictures please.
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