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mood. Gwen Harper our very own Branch               on behalf of our liƩle group.
secretary had travelled from Rayleigh and was          Finally the gem of the day from Allan.
in sparkling form enjoying the printerly chat
for which the Hedgehog Press is famous.             A step by step demonstraƟon of how to
                                                    print a lithograph on a leƩerpress machine,
   Ron and Margaret Rookes from Great               and the creaƟon of a photo-litho image
Baddow, two of our hardest working                  using kitchen foil, margarine, Pepsi cola,
members, were as ever supporƟng our Essex           and water. Amazing!
Branch. Really good to see you both again.
John GarreƩ (of woodcut fame) had travelled            Basically this is how he achieved the task.
from Suffolk. Good to see you again John.            "Kitchen litho" as it is known, is a rudimentary
                                                    version of the commercial process adapted
   John Alexander and Julie had travelled           to use domesƟc materials which are freely
all the way from Southchurch and it was             available. Aluminium cooking foil, maƩ side
wonderful to see John fully returned to his         up, is used in place of the metal plate.
old self, following two recent spells in hospital.  The image to be printed was drawn onto
Finally our old friend Mike Perry had driven        the block in reverse with a felt-Ɵp marker.
from Ongar to be with us and it was a delight       The exposed areas of the "plate" were then
to chat about leƩerpress and press restoraƟon       treated with phosphoric acid to make them
with him.                                           more recepƟve to water. (Dilute phosphoric
                                                    acid is available almost everywhere in the
   Prior to Alan's lecture and demonstraƟon         large boƩles of Pepsi-Cola, or Pepsi-Max.)
on prinƟng breakthroughs, we were called            The plate is then carefully wiped with a damp
to order by our beloved leader, Len Friend          sponge to ensure the bare metal is wet before
to start our Essex Branch meeƟng. This              gently rolling with ordinary oil-based ink.
was done with a device he had printed and           This does not sƟck to the wet areas, only to
manufactured himself. Perhaps you may               the image. The block is placed in the press
remember the cardboard Bang! NovelƟes               and printed immediately – it must not be
given away free with the Beezer and Topper.         allowed to dry out. To make the plate useable
The atomic bang aƩracted our aƩenƟon and it         in the Adana Alan had wrapped it round a
was announced that the Essex Branch would           block of plate- mounƟng base, with a piece of
be holding a two day prinƟng aƩracƟon at the        sheet metal on the bed to bring it up to type
Barleylands Country Show. This September on         height. The second experiment with photo-
12th & 13th. No less than seven leƩerpress          lithography used a photocopy image. The
machines in acƟon including the massive             toner was transferred to the block by applying
Press Genepy, Europe's largest wooden               cellulose paint thinners to the rear of the
framed press. Lots of exciƟng events planned,       photocopy thus transferring the image onto
including a group visit to The Hell Box Foundry     the block.
in Kent, in October to visit Ed Denovan and
have the chance to purchase freshly cast type,         I went home with my head buzzing with
and see the impressive super-caster in acƟon.       prinƟng ideas, and laden down with type
Great days ahead.                                   given away free by Alan. He is a generous man
                                                    with his ideas, and I think it safe to say I have
   Our hosts at Adanaland, John and Julie           learned more about Adana prinƟng dodges
Brignull had pulled out all the stops for our       and wrinkles than from any other source.
visit, including copious cups of tea, a splendid    Three cheers for the giŌed and ingenious
lunch on the lawn and aŌernoon tea and              Mr. Brignull. Another triumph!
cakes to follow. They had both worked hard
for our enjoyment, so thank you to you both                                    Chris Brinson (10631)
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