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BRANCH REPORTS                                    First surprise of the day was to meet
                                               an Essex Branch member of long standing,
Essex Branch—August                            Bob Allder (number 2139) all the way from
                                               Romford, who was aƩending for the first
Our Adventures in Adanaland: or how to
print photo-lithographically on an Adana
leƩerpress machine!

JUST like Lerner and Lowe's musical            Ɵme in many years. We all expected a
Brigadoon, there is only one day, in high      rather ancient member judging by his early
Summer, when you can enter freely into the     membership number, but we were delighted
magical world of Adanaland, and enjoy the      to meet the energeƟc and youthful form of
charms of the nearby perfect state of Flatby.  Bob himself. Apparently he had joined the
                                               B.P.S. when he was only thirteen years of age!
   Fourteen B.P.S. members took full
opportunity of this wondrous occasion             Our favourite ink sprite who is sprightly,
having heard rumours that a completely new     but not in the least inky, Bob Richardson—all
method of prinƟng might be demonstrated        the way from Middlesex—updated us on the
by the ingenious Alan Brignull. They were      latest developments at St. Bride FoundaƟon
not disappointed.                              and it was good to see him in such an upbeat
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