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arrived aŌer a week in Swiss customs with       ADANA INK LI FE
the box damaged but with a few emails           SUPPLY FIND !
backward and forward we had a happy buyer.
                                                AFTER a couple of years of disuse
   We duely arrived at the Clydeside Press      my neighbour and former workplace,
which is in the heart of Glasgow. The           Peterborough Web, is in the process of being
premises are downstairs in a basement,          demolished. The photo taken today shows the
and as the photo shows as full as any other     four large ink containers that the presses used
printer as I have seen, with 6-8 prinƟng        to use: a liƩle bit bigger than the tubes and
machines including one producing posters        Ɵns this fellow next door uses on his Adana.
and banners 5' wide. There are also
guilloƟnes and a machine for perfect binding.      In fact although the presses are long gone,
The press does a high volume of full-colour     I conƟnue to use jam jars of ink (obtained with
commercial prinƟng and is clearly very busy.    permission a while the presses were in use)
                                                from the these containers on my 8-5.
   Unfortunately Tommy could not find the
rollers and spare chase on the day, so we                                  Mike Edwards (10374)
loaded the press and its' base into the car,
and it now sits proudly next to the bench
with the Adana on. I had forgoƩen how
heavy it is, and since the liŌ was not
working in Glasgow meant a liƩle liŌing
and manoeuvring.

   Now we await the rollers. Our first job
will be to test print some 50 year old blocks
of a local arƟst called Ann Dallas, printed by
her husband Alastair Dallas. Their son has
been giving us a number of printed images
to scan as Christmas cards, but there
nothing quite like prinƟng from the original
blocks. There are 20 in all of local scenes.
The hope is to re-print one of the books in
which the images were used in, with a few
cards and postcards.

                                                EQUIPMENT WANTED

                                                Adana 8x5's or similar
                                                         also type

                                                COCLALSEHCTOINON  S.E.England Area

                                                                  0844 4484386
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