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                                                                                        by Kim Lowe (6026)

A couple of years ago I wrote                   Kayes at the Clydeside Press in Glasgow, led
in Small Printer about moving                   to agreement for us to buy back the machine,
my fathers' Model printing                      making allowance for the purchase of new
press.That was the end of it,                   rollers and original courier costs. Apparently
I thought …                                     the machine had not been used a lot and some
                                                of the Ɵme was on display as it is such an
ONE of the things that happens at the Print     unusual machine.
Studio is that we get people coming in with a
specific interest in leƩerpress, and last year      To fund the purchase I put the Adana 8x5 on
one such visit which led us to an unusual       sale on ebay. It was sold to a lady in Switzerland
outcome. In talking about the machines I        for £210 plus some accessories for £15 as she
menƟoned the fact I had sold the Model to a     was starƟng up from scratch. Then the next
printer in Glasgow to fund the business, and    issue, how to send an 8x5 to Switzerland. With
immediately they described the machine and      the buyer and ourselves searching on Google,
told me where it was. At that point we did not  we found Parcel Monkey, a service which
have any room for another machine, especially   finds the cheapest way to send your parcel.
one as big and heavy as the Model, so I forgot  The machine cost £25.79 to post on a 3 day
about it and got on with using the Adana 8x5.   delivery, plus £3.99 insurance, not bad for a 22
                                                kg parcel. (Word of warning: the online enquiry
   Now we have the new premises with seven      form rejected "PrinƟng Machine" so I used
rooms and the increased focus on tradiƟonal     "Adana PrinƟng Press" which was accepted.
prinƟng, and I was beginning to miss the        I also added a note on the declaraƟon saying
Model. The Adana 8x5 was never the same.        no electronic parts enclosed).
A conversaƟon with the ebay buyer, Tommy
                                                   The buyer paid up and immediately I
                                                contacted Tommy in Glasgow to arrange a day
                                                to pick up the Model. The Adana eventually
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