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This month's picture was taken in Scotland where unƟl fairly recently, this
press was a working press. It is hoped that it can now to put on show to the
public. Answers please.

NAME THE PRESS 28. I am not totally                 a plasƟc model. Perhaps it was some sort of
surprised that we didn't get an answer to last      design template? Nick, with his considerable
month's 'Name the Press'. The picture was           knowledge of prinƟng's past, has never seen a
sent to us by Nick Smith (7951) when on a           press like this before. Any further informaƟon
visit to the Museum of PrinƟng and the Book         would be much appreciated.
in Kiev, Ukraine. It is called an 'Agitka' and was
made by a factory called 'Metal' in Poltava in         I am also glad to see that other members
1934. Nick reported that it looked as if this       spend some of their holiday Ɵme seeking out
was not really a working press but possibly         places where they can find prinƟng interest -
                                                    even in the Ukraine!!
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