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   What I sƟll find incredibly difficult as both a  combine it with type like I do. So the block
very impaƟent person and a printmaker who        required quite a bit of packing.
is used to presses and pressure being easy
to adjust is the making ready. I get through        AƩached are the prints I have been making
so much paper making ready that my ediƟon        lately. The lino is a block 75mm square so
is usually Ɵny. I fiddle with the knobs—a         you'll get an idea of the scale. The type is 18pt
touch Ɵghter here, a touch looser there.         Times—although I got the spacing a bit wrong
Occasionally it has worked almost instantly—     I'm fairly happy with it. I am also aƩaching a
usually when I am demonstraƟng to someone        photo of all the proofs I had to take to get it
how difficult it is to get it right.               to print anywhere near saƟsfactorily. The lino
                                                 block and the type were locked up together
   Recently I have been cuƫng lino               and printed at the same Ɵme using Caslon
blocks produced by Intaglio Printmaker in        black ink.
London which are sold pre-mounted onto
fibreboard. It is lovely to cut, quite soŌ and       So it's sƟll a long learning process and I am
nice to hold the block by the edge thereby       not sure it is ever going to be easy. But I am
protecƟng your non-cuƫng hand. I use             enjoying my new membership to the BPS and
Pfiel cuƫng tools which are fairly pricey but     also enjoy reading the arƟcles in the magazine.
worth the investment. My favourite tool is
a 1mm wide V. The only downside is that I           And if you are in the south of England and
had assumed that the only reason to mount        want to learn more about Linocuƫng you can
lino was to make it type high so I found         find me at where I
it incredibly irritaƟng to discover that it is   teach the technique regularly.
actually 2mm lower. Fine, I suppose if you are
prinƟng it on its own but not if you want to       And you can find more of my work at:
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