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BEGINNINGS ... by Katherine Anteney (10784)

                                                             AS A printmaker and primarily a linocuƩer
                                                             who has come to leƩerpress prinƟng more
                                                             recently, I have been enjoying the arƟcles in
                                                             the recent ediƟons of the Small Printer about
                                                             linocuƫng. It's great to see people trying out
                                                             and being enthused by a new way of making
                                                             images, and combining linocuts with type for
                                                             books and artwork really works well—aŌer
                                                             all linocuƫng evolved from wood engraving
                                                             and woodcuts which were the first forms of

                                                                I was given my Adana 8x5 several years
                                                             ago, but was terrified by it and by my lack of
                                                             knowledge how to print leƩerpress 'properly'.
                                                             I went on a few courses and got advice from
                                                             some great people but always felt hampered
                                                             by lack of experƟse and also lack of leading,
                                                             spacing and furniture despite having a huge
                                                             amount of type, both wooden and lead.
                                                             I started incorporaƟng leƩerpress into my
                                                             artwork but by and large leŌ my Adana
                                                             unused and unloved for a long Ɵme preferring
                                                             to hand cut leƩering in lino. I even gave it
                                                             away for a while, thankfully rescuing it when
                                                             the person who I had loaned it to leŌ it in the
                                                             Art Department at the University.

                                                                Lately I have begun to really enjoy the
                                                             Adana. I have gained quite a bit of leading and
                                                             furniture and learned a lot more about it. I
                                                             also made the discovery that I don't have to
                                                             be 'doing it properly' as prescribed by some
                                                             unwriƩen rule but rather have become happy
                                                             that if type doesn't fall out of the chase then
                                                             it's locked up properly! I'm sure there are
                                                             several old compositors frowning down on me
                                                             from the great print room in the sky.
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