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           UR President Jean Watson             FEW moments before I seƩled down to write
           has asked that I use up her           this editorial, I opened an envelope containing
           space this month, but that             the Autumn PrinƟng History NewsleƩer. This
she will be wriƟng a 'Christmas leƩer'  a combined general newsleƩer from the NaƟonal
for the December issue. I therefore     PrinƟng Heritage Trust, the PrinƟng Historical Society
thought I could menƟon at few more      and the Friends of the St Bride Library. So it was with
items from the Autumn 2015 PrinƟng      great sadness and sorrow that I read that the St Bride
History NewsleƩer.                      Library had closed. Up here in the Tundra, some news
     Plans for a NaƟonal Museum         percolates up slowly from the south, for I read that at
                                        the end of July an official announcement had stated that
                 of PrinƟng             'due to funding constraints the FoundaƟon regrets that
ONE of the aims of the NaƟonal          it is no longer possible to keep the prinƟng workshop
PrinƟng heritage Trust since its        and library open in the current format'. I personally have
foundaƟon in 1990, has been the         made many happy visits to the FoundaƟon, meeƟng
establishment of a NaƟonal Museum       Bob Richardson and Rachel Marsh there—as well as the
of PrinƟng. There is now an outline     vibrant and enthusiasƟc Chief ExecuƟve Glyn Farrow,
plan and further meeƟngs will be held   who wrote a comprehensive arƟcle for the August 2013
to examine possible locaƟon, funding    Small Printer.
and promoƟon. If any BPS members           The good news is that there are no plans to sell
would like to get involved with this    off the library, but new funding must be sought if this
please email Paul Nash:                 important organisaƟon is to survive. The term used is                   that the FoundaƟon has been 'moth-balled'. I am sure
                                        that I speak for all in the BPS if I say 'Good Luck'.
             Words on Paper                The newsleƩer also has an obituary on Hermann Zapf,
THE 37th Annual Conference on           who died in June when the world of prinƟng lost one
Book Trade History will be held         the greatest type designers of the twenƟeth century.
on Sunday 29 and Monday 30th            How many of us use PalaƟno and OpƟma, perhaps two
November at StaƟoners' Hall             of his most enduring typefaces—not forgeƫng the Zapf
London. The conference will explore     Dingbats. I suspect that liƩle thought is given by those
the use of manuscript and print in      who use these faces on their computers, on how these
the communicaƟon of ideas and           typefaces came to be designed, by whom, or when.
informaƟon across four centuries.          This month’s cover shows Harry McIntosh of
For more details email:                 'Speedspools' with his Monotype CasƟng business,                    aƩached to his house in Edinburgh. My arƟcle on page
                                        six does not do jusƟce to his unique 'computer to type'
               Cossar Press             invenƟon, using a PC and Monotype Caster. Harry is a
FINALLY, one of our newest members      past member of the BPS and I am sure would be willing
Bernulf Clegg ( 10734) has given an     to show off his astonishing set-up (I can think of no other
update on the Cossar Press. Bernulf     word) to any member who finds himself in Edinburgh.
organised an inspiring talk to those       As menƟoned last month, I am off to Australia
at the convenƟon at Montrose in         in two weeks Ɵme, so will have to start working up
April, and I know that a number of      the December issue of Small Printer very soon. Your
BPS members joined the Cossar Club.     contribuƟons conƟnue to be gratefully received!
Further details are at:
or Bernulf can be contacted on
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