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Dorset Branch Report—                           people try to sell wood leƩer one leƩer at a Ɵme
September                                       on eBay. Not sure if this was the reason for the
                                                odd leƩers missing from these fonts, but it will be
THE September meeƟng once again returned        possible to make use of them. One of the fonts
to the stables in Dorchester.                   looks likely to be Tudor Black, which is similar
                                                to an Old English typeface. The other was an
   This month we were looking at wood leƩer     italic face called Quill. George kindly sourced the
from Jean Watson and George Webb. Jean's        names for the faces aŌer the meeƟng.
items were obtained from a former member
who was selling the last few bits & pieces leŌ     The wood leƩer shown by George was in a
over from his prinƟng business. This included   box containing CelƟc border. This was used to
two fonts of wood leƩer (leŌ), each of which    produce posters, etc. In the lid there were details
were almost complete. The lack of complete      of the contents and ideas of how the individual
fonts is becoming quite common nowadays as      units could be combined to produce borders and
                                                shapes. This sparked the creaƟve ideas with three
                                                members who
                                                were challenged
                                                to combine some
                                                items together
                                                and then another
                                                border around
                                                the first border.
                                                Meanwhile, Jean
                                                had inked up
                                                her Adana and
                                                the first pull was
                                                taken in the first
                                                colour. With
                                                the next border
                                                design, a second
                                                colour was inked up and the job of registraƟon
                                                was leŌ to Jean, who managed to get it almost
                                                correct with the first pull.

                                                   George had also purchased some lino-cut
                                                printed cards which were either two or three
                                                colour plate methods. These were extremely
                                                interesƟng in deciding how they were produced
                                                to achieve the end result.

                                                   The other item Jean had obtained was a book
                                                called "Again", produced by Adana. Does anyone
                                                have any idea when this could have been printed,
                                                as there is no date?

                                                   Over the refreshments, the members
                                                discussed various aspects about the Society,
                                                before leaving for home.

                                                                                  Ron Watson (6955)
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