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and excellent P.R. material.                    and the crowds were even larger.
   John Alexander was working on a tour            We were joined by our good friend Mike

de force of leƩerpress to mark the start in     Perry from Ongar, who brought along his dad
1665 of the Great Plague of London. This        Jim to enjoy the show. Mike worked hard and
was an aƩracƟve piece using freshly cast        was equally at home demonstraƟng the huge
Times type from The Hell Box Foundry with a     Common Press and even an Adana 5x3.
border of original 100 year old Skeleton type.
Chris Brinson (Mr. Bookmark!) had printed a        We met a huge number of people who had
Barleylands souvenir from a large Victorian     been "in the print" and had done their seven year
block depicƟng a harvest stook donated by       apprenƟceship. Looking fondly back to the days
Alan Brignull, who was much missed by us        of Fleet Street, and the glory days of leƩerpress,
all, but having to aƩend his son Robert's       it gave them a nostalgic boost and I think they
graduaƟon ceremony at Oxford University         were pleased to chat and make friends with us.
(congratulaƟons Robert).
                                                   Ron and Margaret Rookes had done a splendid
   Our stand was very well aƩended and we       job arranging the exhibiƟon and the interior
managed to aƩract the crowds and compete        of the tent looked very professional indeed.
against some exoƟc craŌs and spectacular        Also they looked aŌer enquiries regarding
events. The show itself is huge, and I think    membership, parƟcularly from the younger
even in two days you would only be able to      age group, who seem to have a deep interest
see part of it.                                 in leƩerpress. A real revival of interest seems
                                                to be in the air, so we fervently hope we will be
   Day two was fortunately fine weather again    aƩracƟng new members in due course. Only Ɵme
                                                will tell.

                                                   And so ended our latest and greatest effort on
                                                behalf of the B.P.S.

                                                   Once again we had extended our circle of
                                                friends, and had made new friends

                                                   for our society. We went home Ɵred but
                                                happy. One more thing to say, a big thank you to
                                                Len Friend, and Vicki and Allen Barton for all the
                                                cups of tea (and cakes!) and the chance to see
                                                and try the magnificent Press Genepy.

                                                                                Chris Brinson (10631)
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