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Essex Branch—September                            secretary) and Len Friend our chairman,
                                                  together with the ultra hard working Ron and
Barleylands Essex Country Show, 12th and          Margaret Rookes completed the first day line
13th September.
                                                           up of members, along with Vicki and
THE Essex Branch, under its dynamic and free               Allen Barton who are now considered
thinking leader Len Friend,                                as members of the Essex Branch as
                                                           there is no Branch in the St. Albans
   achieved a major success in mounƟng a                   area.
two day outreach exhibiƟon to
                                                              Altogether we had six presses up
   promote the B.P.S. and leƩerpress prinƟng               and running at one Ɵme and it made
in parƟcular. The master stroke was the                    a fine exhibiƟon for the public to see,
inclusion of the massive Common Press from                 and to try their hand at leƩerpress
Press Genepy built, owned and operated by                  prinƟng.
Victoria and Allen Barton. This star aƩracƟon
of our show is the biggest wooden touring                     Just for the record we had the Press
press in Europe and is totally authenƟc in                 Genepy wooden Common Press, Len
mechanism and prinƟng procedure. No rollers                Friend's American Pearl Press, and an
used, only ink balls.                Adana 8x5, two Adana 5x3's and a

   But we are geƫng ahead of ourselves! The                   Pre-war Adana High Speed 2. As
team effort started on the Friday when Len,                 the expression goes we were "well
Ron and Margaret Rookes, and Len's son Colin               papered up", with hand printed
laboured long and hard together with Vicki                 souvenirs, give-aways, bookmarks and
and Allen to pitch the tent and erect the press,  a Wild West "Wanted" poster designed by Len
altogether seven hours hard slog. The tent        to incorporate the person's own name.
belonging to Len was magnificent. Complete            One tremendous novelty was Len's patent
with windows, it made the perfect exhibiƟon       explosive banger, which people of a certain
area covering a double plot on the show site.     age will recall from their days of reading the
                                                  Beezer, Topper, Dandy, Beano etc. This proved
   The first day of the show dawned and a          popular with the children, as did the B.P.S.
happy group of John and Julie Alexander, Chris    Bunny copters. These were all free of charge
and Jenny Brinson, Gwen Harper (our branch
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