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Lincolnshire and District                                     Others paid a visit to the Eagle Press, which

Branch—September                              unsurprisingly had a Columbian taking pride
                                              of place, where a museum volunteer gave

THE Branch's September meeƟng saw us          regular prinƟng demonstraƟons.

meet up on a beauƟful September morning                       It should be menƟoned that the Tramway

at the Crich Tramway Village in Derbyshire.   Village is a superb recreaƟon of a typical

Admission to the Tramway village enƟtles      early twenƟeth century high street, and

the visitor to unlimited travel on the NaƟonal many of the buildings along the street have

Tramway Museum's trams, and this together been rescued from towns and ciƟes across

with the beauƟful weather meant that branch the UK, such as the Derby Assembly Rooms

                                                                  façade which came

                                                                  to Crich aŌer a fire.

                                                                  The Red Lion Pub and

                                                                  Restaurant came all

                                                                  the way from Stoke

                                                                  and was re-built brick

                                                                  by brick.

                                                                  AŌer visiƟng

                                                                  the press, we had

                                                                  a look around the

                                                                  tram depot, which

                                                                  houses the Tramway

                                                                  Museum's naƟonal

                                                                  collecƟon. The whole

                                                                  history of trams is on

                                                                  display there from

                                                                  early steam and

                                                                  horse-drawn trams

                                                                  up to some of of the

                                                                  country's very last

ÙƒÄ‘« ÛЛÙÝ ÖÊݛ ®Ä ¥ÙÊÄã Ê¥ ƒÄÊ㫛٠󛽽 ÖٛݛÙò›— ٛ½®‘      historic trams (there
                                                                  were no modern trams

aƩendance for this day out was high. AŌer the on display). With over 70 trams the museum's

obligatory cup of tea and naƩer we decided collecƟon is one of the most comprehensive

to make for the trams. The desƟnaƟon board collecƟons of trams and tramway history in

promised a trip to Southampton Docks, but     the world.

instead the tramway led us higher into the                    All in all a great day out, and I'm sure

Derbyshire Dales through the old lime and     I speak for all branch members when I

lead workings and back to the terminus at the thoroughly recommend Crich as a great day

foot of the hill. Some of us then decided to  out for any branch. For more informaƟon visit:

take the same trip again (and again), but this

Ɵme in one of Blackpool's enclosed trams
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