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many Classics, about 1,000 I believe. The      I have answered my own sons’
school then purchases other books to suit      request, “What would you like
the curriculum requirements at a very          for your 80th birthday present,
reasonable price of just a few pounds for      Dad?” A Kindle please ...and I
either a year, a week or a month. All books,   can’t wait.
of course are categorised by subject as
well as Ɵtle and curriculum.                      I AM SURE THERE
                                                  WILL ALWAYS BE A
   There are many more gismo’s
aƩached to the system, for example, a         PLACE FOR THE TRAD-
facility for readers to add notes at any
point in their study.                         ITIONAL BOOK AND THE
                                               MORE CHILDREN WHO
   Research consistently shows boys’           GET ENTHUSED ABOUT
reading lags behind girls’ and RMBooks
maintain that boys engage beƩer with             READING E-BOOKS
e-books than tradiƟonal printed books.             THE BETTER ...
Other schools have proved that over a
term the improved results have been

   As a printer and publisher of
tradiƟonal books, although I was
intrigued with this (to me) new
technology, I was also somewhat
concerned for the future of printed books.
However, on reflecƟon I am sure there will
always be a place for the tradiƟonal book
and the more children who get enthused
about reading e-books the beƩer for surely
it will spill over into paper books as well.

   What goes around, comes around, and I
am about to have a revoluƟon in my life as
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