Page 9 - March 2015
P. 9

Cover Picture                                The book shows off some thirty typefaces, with
                                             leƩers from 6pt-72pt where appropriate, and
AT ONE OF THE ANNUAL CONVENTIONS at          has thirty index tabs for easy referencing. Most
Bournemouth, where as always there are so
many interesƟng artefacts and books to buy—                  of the typefaces have a set display
I procured a book from Peter                                 page, the one on the cover of
Criddle (6562) that was the                                  this issue of Small Printer being
sample book of Typefaces                                     parƟcularly aƩracƟve. It also has
(with some illustrated                                       a secƟon on ‘DecoraƟve Borders
examples of text and display                                 and Rules’, printed in three
seƫngs) for the well known                                   different colours.
printers W.W. Cowell Ltd of
Ipswich.                                                     With a hard cloth cover and ring
                                                             binding, the book is a real gem.
Produced in 1952, the                                        I see that I paid Peter £12 for the
introducƟon states:                                          book. Must have been a bargain!
‘This book is intended for
those who either for their                                   (And there will be more bargains
amusement, or in the course                                  like this to buy at Montrose!) –ed
of their calling, deal in print.’


  Minutes of the meeting of the Executive Council of the British Printing
      Society held on Saturday 17th January 2015, at Merstham, Surrey

This is an edited version of the minutes. If you would like to know the wording in the full
minutes, or would like an explanation of EC deliberations or policy, please apply in writing to
the President, Chris Green.

Present were: Chris Green President (in the chair); Bob Edwards Vice President; Peter
Salisbury Secretary; Robin Munday Treasurer; Paul Hatcher Councillor; Ron Rookes PG
Councillor; Mrs Jean Watson Councillor; Ron Watson Councillor.

The Minutes of the meeting held on 18th October 2014 were accepted as a true and
accurate record. Matters arising included the Library Catalogue which was being brought
up to date following a donation of several items. It was hoped that this would be completed
in time for the Convention and that a copy would be included in Goody Bags.

The Council discussed Rosen Award. Four Branches had submitted entries and the
Secretary had sent a copy of each entry to the judges and each Branch secretary. It was
decided to move the deadline for submission to 15th January each year to avoid the
Christmas rush and the risk of parcels being mislaid by courier companies.

The membership of Branch’s was discussed as some Branches felt that all Society
members in their County were automatically members of their Branch. The EC pointed out
that any Society member can be a member of any branch but the Society member must opt
in to join a Branch and pay that Branch’s membership fee if applicable.

Conventions: Montrose 2015. There were 17 bookings totalling 32 people.

The next meeting of the Executive Council will be on the Friday evening at the Convention
and the following meeting on Saturday 23rd May 2015 in Hook, Hampshire.

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