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                      by Bob Richardson (9718)

       VANION. It sounds like a mythical          his career he travelled around the UK in the
        kingdom, or perhaps a brand of            company of a fellow ‘vent’ act by the name
        disinfectant, but was actually the stage  of Newman. While they weren’t a double act,
name of a long-forgoƩen Victorian magician,       they frequently appeared on the same bill.
born Henry Evans in 1832. Fascinated by           Evans’ nephew, Robert, tells of an incident
magic and the art of illusion, the young man      during an early performance at the Black

was earning his living as a conjuror by the age   Prince in Kennington, which very nearly set
of seventeen and spent the next half century      fire to the pub—owned by Henry’s father.
or so ‘treading the boards’. IniƟally he was
billed as ‘Evan Ion’, but this quickly became     Few people, with perhaps the excepƟon
‘Evanion’. His act involved magic, illusion       of Chris Brinson, the BPS’s very own
and ventriloquism and at the beginning of         expert on magic and illusion, can name a

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