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had lighƟng and power so I could heat it in the                    DD II AARRYY
winter. We lived in that house for sixteen years
during which Ɵme I printed wide range of items          2nd March.......... Maidenhead Branch
for friends, family and a few local businesses.         Anke Ueberberg, Reading
The leƩerpress was good and I was fortunate             26th March......... South Wales Branch
that for five years I worked in Kent were there          LeƩerpress workshop- likely to be held at
were many young people and so the prinƟng               Cardiff Met, Llandaff Campus
of wedding staƟonery was quite frequent The
litho on the TTR2 was more of a problem as the          25th April ........... Dorset Branch
machine was old when I bought it and had no             Branch AGM
manual but when working well it churned at
high speed.                                             9th May.............. Surrey & Sussex Branch
                                                        Print & CraŌ Day, Merstham Village Hall
When moving to our present house in 2001                11th May............ Maidenhead Branch
there was no suitable place to print and I sold         Richard Owen, Cookham
all my equipment at the 2002 ConvenƟon                  27th May............ South Wales Branch
in Bournemouth (jointly run by the Crawley              Bookbinding Workshop with Ron at Stow
and Dorset Branches). Today I “print” using             Parish centre, Newport
a computer. It is less messy but you don’t
get the same saƟsfacƟon when viewing the                1st June .............. Maidenhead Branch
finished arƟcle as you do with leƩerpress.               Paul Hatcher, Woodley
Since reƟring I have been a volunteer on the
Bluebell Railway in Sussex, prinƟng Ɵckets on           1st July ............... Maidenhead Branch
their ex BriƟsh Railways Edmondson Ɵckets               Barry Gilbert, Reading. Sunday BBQ
prinƟng machine, vintage 1941.                          12th July............. Maidenhead Branch
My dayƟme job for the whole of my working               Barry Gilbert, Reading Sunday BBQ
life was in insurance, mainly wriƟng, and
checking insurance policies so prinƟng in the                  ƒãã›Äã®ÊÄ
evening was totally different and relaxing,
quite therapeuƟc.                                                ěó ÛЛÙÝ
So now you know why I started prinƟng and
what I do now.                                          If you are new to the Society and want to find out
                                                        about your local Branch, or if you want to start up
㫛 ¥®ÙÝ㠃—ƒÄƒ ÃÝÝ ÖÙʗ瑛— ¥½ƒã›— óƒÝ 㫛 ăÛ 㫛
ÖٛÝÝ Øç®þ, փ¦› ϏϏ Ê¥ Ýý½ ÖÙ®Äã›Ù òʽ.ϓώ ÄÊ.ώϗ.          a new Branch in your area, please contact:

                                                          Bob Edwards Tel: 01252 615439 or

                                                        GROW A BRANCH
                                                         IN YOUR AREA!

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