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The presses clearly ran late into Friday          By 1.30 a.m. we were reading and correcting
evenings on some occasions. The following         the proofs, and at 2.30 a.m. the matter was in
report is worth reproducing in full, as it        the Press and the merry music of the printing
captures perfectly the dedication of the staff    machine had begun. The “Gazette” was safely
to achieve their deadline:                        to “bed!”

“We have received several complimentary           “It was 5 a.m. when the last “Gazette”
letters from Loughton readers on our              glided gracefully over the fliers. The edition
successful little “scoop” last week. Many         was completed. Busy hands prepared the
were surprised to find, when they opened          parcels for the Agents, and the 6.38 a.m
their “Gazette” on Saturday morning, that         train from Epping conveyed the “Gazettes”
it contained a full report of the splendid        to Loughton, ready for the city folk at the
Volunteer Training Corps meeting at the           station. It was a good night’s work, and one
Lopping Hall, held on the previous evening.       that we thoroughly enjoyed. As we saw the
As one writer says, “A leading London paper       task completed, the dawn broke through
could not have published it quicker.” We          the heavens. We have often heard what an
were told that our enterprise would not be        impressive sight the dawn is, but having a
appreciated, but our faith in the journalistic    prediliction for rising when the atmosphere
value of late news was not to be discouraged.     is well aired, we have hitherto accepted the
We believed that Loughton would be glad to        statement on the evidence of others.
read an account of the meeting on Saturday        Now that we have watched the dawn, we
morning, and we were right. The “Gazette”         have come to the conclusion that it is a vastly
had a record sale!                                over-rated affair. We would have willingly
                                                  sacrificed the sight for the comfort of being
“We have been asked how it was done.              snugly in bed!”
Readers are naturally interested in the           The progress of the First World War obviously
technical side of newspaper production.           dominated local news during the course of
There is a subtle fascination about printer’s     that year, with reports on the formation of
ink and all connected with it,—especially         a Local Voluntary Training Corps, talks by
when these things are used at high pressure.      visiting dignitaries, and benefit concerts
Well, the whole adventure was marked by           for the Belgian Relief Fund taking up many
good fortune. In the first place we left the      column inches in the first issues of January
Lopping Hall at 10 p.m. with our precious
notes of the speeches. Knowing that even the
G.E.R. trains are occasionally late, we sprinted
to the station and had the good fortune to
catch the train which should have left at three
minutes to ten. That saved a little over an
hour of valuable time. As the train rushed on
to Epping we wrote the opening paragraphs
of the report, and by 10.30 an operator was
setting it into type on a type-setting machine.
Then the Sanctum looked busy. As we finished
each page of “copy,” it was snatched from our
grasp by the type-setting cormorant.

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