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from the president                               from the editor

          he Executive Council met last                    o we are now into another year and
           month to discuss, amongst other                  maybe the first thing to mention is that
           business, the nominations that had               I have agreed to remain as your editor
been received for next year’s EC. We were        for until the end of 2015. It seems that there was
very pleased to learn that one—and just          not a stampede to take on the job! Whilst I will
one—nomination had been received for each        be doing some travelling to Australia to see my
position, meaning that the Council continues     daughter and family, I hope that with the help of
at full strength and no elections will be        a laptop and ipad, I will be able to keeping touch
necessary.                                       with the home front, and of course Giles. But this
                                                 does require, even more, that BPS members send
As you already know, I shall be standing down    in material; so put those new year resolutions
as President at the AGM in April and my          to write for Small Printer into practice please.
place will be taken by Jean Watson. Jean is a    It would be particularly interesting if more new
familiar face to many Society members; she       members would follow the fascinating trail set by
has served the Society faithfully in several     Kate Edwards (10743), in the December issue, and
different capacities during the many years       tell us about yourselves and what you want to find
she has been a member and I am delighted         in your magazine.
to know that I shall be putting the Society in
her very capable hands.                          Perhaps even more important is the Convention
                                                 in Montrose, only ten weeks away as I write. To
You will also have learnt, from Tim’s column     date the numbers signing up are not as good as
opposite, that he has decided to carry on as     we had hoped. This MAY be that the hotel is not
Editor of Small Printer until the end of this    accepting guests at either end of the weekend.
year. This news comes as a great relief—         But there are many good small hotels and B&Bs
which I hope is shared by you—as nobody          close by; and indeed throughout the whole of
else has put their name forward. We owe Tim      Scotland. There are often some really cheap flights
our thanks, but we need to bear in mind that     to Edinburgh (Easyjet) and the trains have some
we shall still be seeking a new Editor later     exceptional bargains if you book as soon as is
this year.                                       possible. Otherwise the car journey is a pleasant
                                                 and easy journey with the added advantage that
Finally, along with Tim I would urge you to      you can load up your car with all those bring and
consider attending the Society Convention in     buy items. (Fuel may have even dropped to £1 per
April if you are able to do so. By the time you  litre by April?). And for those who have not been
read this, the ’90 day’ mark (when rail tickets  to a convention before, this one will be particularly
become available) will have passed and it        useful as you will be able to learn from the all-day
will be possible to see what rail tickets are    workshops that we are putting on. Looking at the
available and at what price. However,            prices for a printing course in London, two days
as I write in the first week of January it is    in Montrose with all the additional activities and
possible to buy a ticket from London to          good ‘craic’, as they say up here, looks a bargain!
Montrose, for travel at the end of March,
for £45; if you qualify for (and buy) a Senior   So please sign up and come up to Bonnie Scotland
Railcard that comes down to not much over        —where you may be surprised by the warmth of
£30. What a bargain!                             your welcome and the friendliness that you will
                                                 find. I can say no more!

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