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Letters to/from the editor                                  DD II AARRYY

  PRAISE AND PROSPECTS                           9th february ...... Maidenhead Branch
                                                 Bob Edwards, Crookham Village
  Dear Editor, how refreshing to read the full
  page biography submitted by Kate Edwards.      21st february ..... Essex Branch
  Nice family name but we’re not related, that   AGM Lunch, 12:30pm at the Grange,
  I know of!                                     Boreham

      Kate, you are very brave to tell everyone  25th february .... Dorset Branch
  your life story, yet what a good idea. It      Meeting
  demonstrates how printing is being taken
  up as a second career, not just as a hobby,    2nd March.......... Maidenhead Branch
  and for me, the article made fascinating       Anke Ueberberg, Reading
  reading. Good luck with your business
  “The Printsmith” at Bristol. You have plenty   26th March......... South Wales Branch
  of references on Google advertising it!        Letterpress workshop- likely to be held at
  Perhaps the Editor could solicit other biog-   Cardiff Met, Llandaff Campus
  raphies from members old and new, and
  make this a regular feature?                   25th April ........... Dorset Branch
                                                 Branch AGM
      May I add that we are endeavouring
  to re-start a BPS Group in Gloucestershire     9th May.............. Surrey & Sussex Branch
  and that Kate is a potential member. I can     Print & Craft Day, Merstham Village Hall
  remember that joining BPS Maidenhead
  Branch some 20 years was pivotal for me.       11th May............ Maidenhead Branch
  Meeting other members on a regular basis       Richard Owen, Cookham
  enhanced my BPS membership and quickly
  added to my printing knowledge.                27th May............ South Wales Branch
                                                 Bookbinding Workshop with Ron at Stow
                         Bob Edwards (9527)      Parish centre, Newport

  Dear Bob, Thank you for writing to Small       1st June .............. Maidenhead Branch
  Printer and endorsing Kate Edwards, whom       Paul Hatcher, Woodley
  I have also mentioned in my editorial.
  I believe that all members of the BPS have              attention
  printing experiences and bits of knowledge
  that would be of much interest to others,                  new members
  but feel that they may not be ‘revolution-
  ary’, and so do not commit to paper.               If you are new to the Society and want to find out
                                                     about your local Branch, or if you want to start up
      The magazine has been a little short of
  ‘Hints and Tips’ recently; so all of you out           a new Branch in your area, please contact:
  there please why not take the plunge and
  write in with your ‘Hint' or ‘Tip’.                 Bob Edwards Tel: 01252 615439 or
      Thank you. –Ed
                                                 Grow a Branch
                                                  in YoUr area!

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