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HOPE you will have noƟced a Bundle item in the worst mistake you made . . . anything is

last month’s magazine bringing the news that, welcome. I’m sure you enjoy reading about

as from the next issue, I shall be taking over other people’s experiences – now it is your turn

from Tim Honnor as Editor of Small Printer. If       to provide that experience.

not, then perhaps you will have read Tim’s ‘final’    Unlike Tim Honnor, I have had my fill of

editorial in this month’s issue.                     travelling abroad (and all my family live within

Tim, and the other members of the editorial a couple of hours’ drive) so I can allow myself

team, have produced some excellent magazines the luxury of seƫng a consistent deadline. This

during the past few years. It would be a difficult will be 6.00 p.m. on the 13th of each month for

task to improve on the current look, but I shall publicaƟon the following month. My contact

do my best to maintain the standard; and I shall details will appear on the inside front cover

endeavour to include items of interest to as many in due course (and if they don’t, I’m in the

of you as possible.                                  Membership List). I should prefer to accept

If you have been a member of the Society for material as an email aƩachment (as a Word

more than about six years, you may remember document or any sort of plain text file); pictures

that I have already had pracƟce at this task of      or diagrams should ideally be as jpegs or Ɵffs.

producing the Society’s monthly magazine. Then Equally I should be happy with printed material

it was a one-man-band effort; from January            (rather less happy if it’s hand-wriƩen, although

onwards I shall have the very able assistance of I shan’t complain) sent through the post. I shall

Ron Rookes, who will take on the work of laying not give a categorical guarantee that everything

out the magazine and talking nicely to the printer. you send will be published in the next issue,

One refrain that you will have seen many             although I do promise that I shall do my very best

Ɵmes over the years is an appeal for you to write to acknowledge all the material I receive. Should

something for publicaƟon. I’ll warn you now:         I decide that your offering really doesn’t merit

this is going to become a recurring theme. Many publicaƟon then I shall let you know the reason,

years ago I lost count of the number of Ɵmes I       but this will only happen very rarely if ever.

issued this plea, but the fact is plain and simple:  I look forward to hearing from you now and

if nobody writes anything, there is nothing for      again . . . and again . . . and again . . .

anybody to read. We have sufficient members                                         Chris Green (7614)
in the Society that if everyone wrote just one

short arƟcle a year then we should have plenty of


Have a think about this. When’s your birthday?

You may no longer celebrate the fact that you

are another year older, but perhaps you could

use your birthday as a trigger to remind you that

during the month you will write something that

is in some way prinƟng-related. It could be how

you started with prinƟng, what kind of prinƟng

you do, the people you have met through prinƟng,

the most difficult job you have had to produce,
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