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This Month’s Cover                                 The Society of Bookbinders
                                                   Biennial Conference will take
The cover of this issue of Small Printer           place at Keele University from
comes from out of a book, kindly given to me
by Ken Wright (7846), called Printing in Malta         August 20th-23rd August
1642–1839 by William Zammit. Although the
subject is somewhat specialised, it has some                         Speakers:
interesting bits, particularly the control of        Guy Begbie | George Boudalis |
all communications by the Catholic Church.          Michael Burke | Marysa de Veer |
However it also reproduces a superb set of            Sam Ellenport | Martin Frost |
eleven engravings from The Eighteenth-Century       Chris Hicks | Sarah Jarrett-Kerr |
Printing Press as illustrated in d’Alembert’s and     Trevor Lloyd | Marianne Lund
Diderot’s Encyclopédie (1769).
                                                        Petersen | Graham Moss |
William Zammit says that no depictions of the        Lizzie Neville | Dominic Riley |
eighteenth-century Maltese press are known,           Christopher Rowlatt | Barbara
yet its physical layout and equipment would         Schmelzer | Pamela Spitzmueller
have followed the contemporary European            ENTRIES FOR THE INTERNATIONAL
model. He says that these engravings are            BOOKBINDING COMPETITION RUN
the the most detailed engravings of a typical
CXVIII printing press and were first published             BY THE SOCIETY WILL BE
in Paris between 1751 and 1772 in folio format                      ON DISPLAY
and consist of seventeen volume of text and
eleven of engravings. The twenty one superb          THE SUPPLIERS’ FAIR WILL HAVE
illustrations show the different tools used in         A WIDE RANGE OF MATERIALS,
printing, as well as descriptions of the printing     TOOLS AND OTHER EQUIPMENT
itself. The quality of the engravings can be                          FOR SALE
clearly seen in both of the images shown.
                                                    Fee for full member delegates: £370
The lay of the case may have particular interest    Non-members: £410
to you letterpress people out there!                Bursaries are available but must be
                                                    applied for by the end of March.
A complete set of these engravings can be seen      For more information see the website:
in the National Library of Malta; maybe a good or
reason to go for a holiday in this delightful and   contact the Conference Organiser:
interesting, and friendly place.–Ed.                conf.organiser@societyofbookbinders.
The cover reproduction is described as The
interior of the composing room showing the
different stages of the composing process, with
letterpress text ready for printing.

The second reproduction is described as Cases
showing the lay. (seen on page 15).

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