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FROM THE PRESIDENT                                FROM THE EDITOR

           N THIS ISSUE OF SMALL PRINTER                             AVING JUST RETURNED from
           you should find the usual noƟces                           ten days in Canada, where I have
           that appear around this Ɵme of                            been visiƟng my son in Montreal,
           year: among these are one inviƟng                         I have had Ɵme to consider my
           Branches to submit their entry for                        responsibiliƟes as the editor of
the Rosen Award and one inviƟng nominaƟons        Small Printer. I have to admit that I have found
for next year’s ExecuƟve Council.                 that the job is a liƩle more Ɵme consuming than
                                                  I perhaps was expecƟng. However, over twenty
The Rosen Award has been presented since          two issues the Ɵme has really flown past and I
1999, and is a bequest from Bernard Rosen.        have much enjoyed the privilege of being editor.
Bernard was a prominent member of the
Society for many years and a very proficient       In this I have been extremely well served by Giles
engineer. He was keen to see Branches thrive      Edwards, with whom it has been a joy to work.
and the Award goes to the ‘best collecƟve         With his innovaƟve and creaƟve design, and use
submission by a Branch’. Following a decision     of full colour spreads throughout the magazine,
by the EC a couple of years ago, every Branch     I hope that we have provided a more interesƟng
in the Society now receives a copy of every       magazine, both in visual appeal and content.
entry. There are several Branches who enter       And of course our thanks to all you members out
year aŌer year, producing some very fine           there who have provided us with copy. (Please
work, and I hope that this year’s entry is well   keep it coming in, coming in, coming in…we are
under way.                                        in conƟnual need of more arƟcles and inter-
                                                  acƟon with our magazine).
Every member of the Society has the
opportunity to stand for elecƟon to the           However, with other responsibiliƟes and family
ExecuƟve Council. If you disagree with the        commitments (in three corners of the globe), I
way in which the Society is being run, or         have decided that I must now pass the editorial
if you would like to take an acƟve part in        baton to someone else. I have therefore
determining the policies of the Society, this is  agreed with the EC that I will stand down aŌer
your chance. You will need to find two other       producƟon of the April 2015 issue when a new
members to nominate you and to second that        editor will take over from me. I will of course
nominaƟon. EC meeƟngs for the past several        give the new editor as much ‘hand-over’ help as
years have seen the same familiar faces: there    I possibly can and of course you will have Giles to
is nothing intrinsically wrong with this and it   bed you in and give you the loyal support that he
could be taken as a sign that the rest of the     has given to me.
membership is completely saƟsfied with the
way in which the Society is being run.            This is a hugely rewarding job and our new
                                                  printers are most helpful. The appointment is
By the Ɵme of next year’s AGM I shall have        highly important in that it maintains the glue in
been on the EC for 24 years without a break.      our “Society of Friends”. In many cases it is the
I am not claiming this as a record (and I have    only contact that members have with the BPS
enjoyed most of it). I shall have occupied the    to keep them in touch with our society. And I
President’s posiƟon for five of those years,       believe the magazine does its bit in aƩracƟng
and it is Ɵme to take a break. I shall not,       new members into the society and provides PR
therefore, be allowing my name to go forward      to many other prinƟng organisaƟons. Please let
for nominaƟon next year. The EC is already        our President know if you are a volunteer for the
aware of this.                                    editor of Small Printer.

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