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H nts & T ps

  AT A BPS CONVENTION IN LINCOLN, many years ago, I remember asking the
late Bernard Rosen how to score. I had at that time, never heard of scoring matrix.

               This explanation comes from Marty Brown's excellent book
              'A 21st century guide to the LETTERPRESS BUSINESS'–ed

IF YOU PLAN to go into the card business, you may want to use your press for
scoring, or creasing the cards. This is easily accomplished on a platen press.
You will need scoring rule and something called scoring matrix which is a
thin strip of plastic with a groove or channel down the centre into which the
scoring rule ϐits snugly.

 FIRST, remove the rollers from the press.

 PREPARE the platen with tympan and pressboard as you would for an
     ordinary print job.

 CUT a length of scoring rule longer than the sheet you need to score.

 CUT a length of scoring matrix a little bit longer than the scoring rule.

 LOCK up the scoring rule in the chase.

 ATTACH the scoring matrix to the scoring rule. The scoring matrix has a
     rubber-like channel that grips around the edges of the rule.

 YOU might have to wiggle it to get it on the rule.

 THE back side of the scoring matrix is flat and has a removable strip of
     adhesive. Once the matrix is firmly attached to the rule, take an XActo-
     blade and peel off the backing of the adhesive.

 CLOSE the press and open it again. The scoring matrix should now be
     firmly affixed to the tympan.

 FOLD a sheet of make-ready so you have a crease in the position where you
     want the score to be. Unfold the make-ready sheet and align the crease to
     the scoring matrix.

 USE a pencil to mark the position of the sheet, then insert your gauge pins.

 TRY feeding a few sheets of make-ready. When you dose the press, the
     scoring rule will make contact with the scoring matrix, creating a dean
     score mark in the paper.

 FINE-TUNE the alignment as you would any print job, to make sure the
     score is straight.

 THE indent of the score should be on the outside of the sheet to be folded,
     to help prevent cracking of the paper.

 THE same technique can be used for perforation. Simply replace the
     scoring rule with perforating rule.
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