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BRANCH REPORTS                           along with the machine and one of these had
                                              a corner broken off. The material reminded
DORSET BRANCH ͵ AUGUST                        me of the composiƟon material that was used
                                              to produce rollers unƟl polyurethene became
WE WERE PLEASED TO WELCOME George             popular.
Webb and Suzanne from Devon, to this
meeƟng. As our meeƟngs now start at 4.00 pm,
it means they can aƩend and then get home in
a reasonable Ɵme during the evening.

                                                             Pat's blocks were a set of copper and wood
                                                             engravings of machinery mounted on wood
                                                             block, which could have originated around the
                                                             turn of the century. They were all connected
                                                             with one company and looked as if they could
                                                             have been used to produce a catalogue.
                                                             Jean spent the meeƟng taking pulls from the
                                                             blocks and it was then possible to get a beƩer
                                                             idea of what they may have been used for,
                                                             although we could only guess at some of them.

This meeƟng saw the results from two of our
members, who had been buying on Ebay.
Win Armand Smith had bought a small Rejafix
machine and Pat Swadling once again showed
another collecƟon of prinƟng blocks.
The Rejafix had a movable prinƟng pad along
with various other aƩachments. With some of
these, we were not sure where they belonged
on the machine. We were interested in the
pad which the machine can print onto, as it
was fairly soŌ. There was some extra pads

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