Page 16 - October 2014
P. 16

Three new members appear, and Roger             cards using several familiar old Adana stock
                    Broadbelt provides a substanƟal A5 booklet      blocks, now collectors’ items, and printed
                    about Robin Hood, with Hot-foil on the          in suitably matching typefaces and style. Oh

                                                                                     good, someone else has got the
                                                                                     leƩerpress bug, and it will be
                                                                                     interesƟng to see how his work
                                                                                     evolves. His pieces show every
                                                                                     sign of enthusiasm. Give me
                                                                                     that first, I’ve seen many a piece
                                                                                     of well-printed ‘design’ that’s
                                                                                     just uninspired and uninspiring.
                                                                                     I hope I’m not maligning him
                                                                                     by reading into his work that
                                                                                     he is newer to leƩerpress than
                                                                                     George—I’m just sorry I’m too

– June/July 2014 –  cover, printed inkjet, complete with a leaflet
                    giving technical details (always of interest
                    to fellow-printers). Quite apart from the
                    interesƟng content—the booklet is full of
                    informaƟon—this is a complex producƟon
                    with a lovely full-colour frame in illuminated
                    manuscript style on the Ɵtle page. George
                    Webb also provides two pieces, both
                    leƩerpress, but both two-colour, and though
                    small, full of interest and very well printed.
                    Both use interesƟng stock to good effect, the
                    ‘Prop Card’ (an amateur printer’s version of
                    a business card, in a tradiƟonal format) using
                    a large ‘B’ printed in orange ink to match the
                    flecks of orange in the card. The other card
                    giving two definiƟons of old prinƟng terms
                    (ones I’d never heard of) has two frames of
                    an old fleuron, but used most interesƟngly
                    to give neat corners in a design not provided
                    with suitable corner-pieces. He also uses
                    two large leƩers in wonderfully awful Homer
                    from the old Haddon foundry. He promises
                    more to follow, and I look forward to them.
                    Finally, Christopher Brinson puts in two

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