Page 15 - October 2014
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methods involved in the original prinƟng of      was meant to be a ConvenƟon Keepsake, but                      – June/July 2014 –
such Ɵckets, even if he can’t answer all the     got mislaid en route.
quesƟons he raises. Bob Richardson supplies a
facsimile of an 1873 railway handbill for a day  I use the very old Granjon fleurons on my
excursion, full                                                                    sheet and Paul
of interesƟng                                                                      Hatcher uses
details. Alan                                                                      them too on his
Brignall                                                                           card showing
contributes                                                                        Stephenson
a leƩerpress                                                                       Blake’s Verona
handy calendar                                                                     face very
sheet for                                                                          elegantly printed.
September                                                                          Whilst my use is
1752, which                                                                        convenƟonal, Paul
obviously                                                                          cleverly uses the
missed that                                                                        fleurons to create
month’s bundle,                                                                    a much more
interesƟngly                                                                       flowing effect:
using the                                                                          these old designs
stock calendar                                                                     are incredibly
month sets in a                                                                    adaptable.
different layout                                                                    DecoraƟon in
with the day                                                                       a much more
names spaced                                                                       exuberant style,
out down the                                                                       using several sizes
side, and Ron                                                                      of wood leƩer,
Rookes provides                                                                    printed leƩerpress
Pawprints                                                                          with just enough
Snippets No.7                                                                      impression to
showing off                                                                         let the natural
his experƟse                                                                       textures show,
in digital work                                                                    in bright pillar-
with a colourful                                                                   box red ink,
play using                                                                         appears on The
seven leƩer                                                                        Semple Press’s
styles in holiday                                                                  leaflet “Grrrrrr!”
mood. Finally I                                                                    poinƟng out that
contribute my                                                                      ‘LeƩerpress’ is
33rd poster-                                                                       a process, not
form type                                                                          some of the
sample, in this                                                                    things that people
case of classic                                                                    misguidedly think
Roman faces, and a reminder about next
year’s convenƟon dates (10-12 April) in joke     it means. The use of Modern No.20 with its
form of an old tear-off daily calendar, which     fine serifs and sharp shapes for the text sits
                                                 nicely in contrast with the chunky blunt wood-
                                                 leƩer designs.

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