Page 14 - October 2014
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Publishing Group Bundle

                        by John Easson (2959)

– June/July 2014 –  Ron Prosser has stepped down from long
                    service as PG chair, having produced a
                    newletter for each bundle giving a brief              line’ picture. MeƟculously made and using
                    description and comment on the prvious                period colour picture frames and leƩering, it
                    month’s items throughout his period in ofϔice,        shows splendid mastery of an old style. Mike
                    and so his newsletter has ceased. In reviving         Elliston reproduces an old bus Ɵcket from the
                    the old practice of describing the PG bundle          days of conductors and their pre-printed card
                    in Small Printing the intention is to partially       Ɵckets and hand punches, and adds a detailed
                    ϔill the gap, and perhaps encourage other             informaƟve discussion of the problems and
                    members to consider joining the PG.

                              HE BUNDLE has usually been
                               monthly, but as the number of items
                               can vary, the decision has been
                    made to make it bi-monthly, to economise
                    on postage. The June/July bundle is thus a
                    large one, with no less than sixteen items,
                    and so I will have to be forgiven if I skip briefly
                    over some pieces, not to indicate they are
                    less worthy, but to avoid taking up too much
                    space. I also plead indulgence from readers if I
                    get any facts wrong, or you disageee violently
                    with my comments—I make no claims to being
                    more than an interested observer, with some
                    experience of parƟcipaƟng, of the generous
                    contribuƟons of skill, Ɵme, effort and thought
                    that others have put in and donated for PG
                    members’ enjoyment. PG members come with
                    all sorts of levels of skill in all sorts of aspects
                    of contribuƟng: the bundle is not limited to
                    those of a certain ability, only to those who
                    are willing to contribute, and many a beginner
                    puts in as much effort—indeed oŌen more
                    —than the more seasoned hand; which I and I
                    am sure others, appreciate.

                    Several old hands provide some of the items.
                    Amongst them is Ron Prosser himself, with
                    a laser printer item based on old Victorian
                    ‘animated’ card design and methods,
                    complete will pull-tab reveal of the ‘punch-

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