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                                                           would be interested in buying

                                                        Display fonts or wood

                                                     We are committed to letterpress printers
                                                    and keen to purchase any interesting fonts.

                                                           We are currently looking for a
                                                        large Albion or Columbian Press.

                                                          Please contact: Graham Bignell
                                                                  Tel: 020 7729 3161


This month we divert from press to finishing
equipment. This ingenious piece of kit could
be bought for £6.6s in 1914. What does it
do and has anyone used a machine like this?
Answers sent by the 10th of the month to the: or sparƟcles@

There were no replies to the Name the Press         ã®ã½› փ¦› Ê¥ ƒ ½®ÄÊãù֛ Ý֛‘®Ã›Ä ÊÊ»—‘ƒ½›—ÊÄ®ƒ
No.19. It was in fact a Britannia Platen, built by
Furnival and Co. in Manchester and adverƟsed
in the Stephenson Blake Catalogue of 1914
for £106 'It is built to produce the finest half-
tone and three colour work, with extra strong
impression to withstand the heaviest formes,
and to execute embossing work. Special
features are great strength of impression,
perfect distribuƟon, instantaneous check to
inking rollers, and check to inking fountain

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