Page 7 - May 2014
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Barry Gilbert (5512)


         N Friday 28th March, Chris               well worth aƩending and with luck might have
          Green and myself manned                 enƟced a few new members. Only Ɵme will tell.
          the BPS stand at IPEX 2014.
                                                  At least by Friday with the lack of crowds it
I arrived at 9am and found where our stand        was very easy to wander round at leisure’.
was situated. Coffee in hand I proceeded to
lay out our informaƟon leaflets. Chris arrived
just before 10am, the official opening Ɵme,
and we prepared for the deluge of inquiries.
Well, we waited and waited...... and waited
to no avail. Our first visitor was Paul Woolley
who had manned the stand each morning.
As Ɵme went on we had one or two people
who took Ɵme to have a look at us but no real
prospecƟve members. Evidently Monday and
Tuesday was fairly well aƩended, Wednesday
and Thursday a liƩle less, but come Friday
visitors to the exhibiƟon were very thin on
the ground. This however did enable us to
take turns throughout the day to have a look
around ourselves.

My overall impression was, a good many
stands displaying box making, rouƟng/cuƫng
and general finishing equipment. Some
excellent and awe-inspiring digital printers
(five colour web) plus a good many smaller
ones, refurbished second hand equipment
companies. St. Brides had a very good large
stand with prinƟng demonstraƟons that I
think was busy a lot of the day. A good many
stands, along with ours, did not seem to have
many interested visitors and some like a Polish
stand opposite us did not even bother to man
them or even turn up in the first place.

This possibly paints a poor picture but I’m sure
some companies did well, plenty of sold signs on
machines new and old. Our stand was FREE so

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