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Len Friend (8988)

                                                 do other than make the odd comment as

                                                 they carefully posiƟoned each panel. The

                                                 whole operaƟon took almost five hours and

                                                 they were to be congratulated on the result

                                                 because, as well as some of Rons photos from

                                                 BPS events and convenƟons, there was some

       ARLIER IN THE YEAR the BPS had            fine prinƟng from John Easson on display.
        been invited to have a stand at the
        ExCel centre in London where for six     Saturday the 29th was a beauƟful spring
days during March IPEX was being held. With      morning so it was up early to pick up Ron and
maximum publicity in mind it was soon agreed     Margaret in Chelmsford then a quick drive to
                                                 the exhibiƟon centre.

by the execuƟve to go ahead and Ron Rookes

was tasked with heading up the project.          AN INSIGHT INTO

Although the big exhibitors were on site earlier

in the month we only needed one day to set up PRODUCTS AND SYSTEMS

so on Sunday 23rd Ron, Margaret and myself       THAT WOULD BE USEFUL
made the trip to Docklands.

For me it was quite a happy experience           TO BPS MEMBERS
because not only had several of my aunts,
uncles and cousins lived in the area years ago   Arriving at 9.30 for a 10 o’clock start gave me
but standing on the royal docks and taking in    the opportunity to wander round and meet up
the view reminded me of a very different Ɵme      with a few old friends and acquaintances from
when I used to work on the boats bringing sugar  the industry and it certainly provided an insight
up from the east coast of Australia to the Tate  into products and systems that would be useful
and Lyle refinery. It was a bit different then.    to BPS members. One of the most interesƟng
                                                 being LasercraŌ who were producing very
We went into the exhibiƟon halls to set up       intricate card cut outs. St. Bride FoundaƟon
and the first impression was one of organised     had a big display area and kept sending people
chaos. There are literally hundreds of people    along to us with quesƟons about leƩerpress
assembling displays, studying computer           most of which we answered and they went
screens linked to mulƟ-colour presses, great     away with a prospectus, business card and a
forkliŌ trucks trundling about and a barrage of  magazine.
informaƟon coming over the PA system.
                                                 We were visited by a few BPS members and
The next thing that strikes the senses as you    Giles Edwards, the design and producƟon
walk around are the sounds and smells. The       member of the editorial team of Small Printer,
pungent smell of hot glue which before you       spent some Ɵme with us talking about his role
realise it is replaced by the acrid aroma of a   within the society. Of course this did mean that
laminaƟng machine having some fine tune           we had to be careful what we said in case he
adjustments made and all of this against a       had his reporter’s hat on.
background of hammering, banging and high
speed machines being test run.                   Ron had arranged the manning throughout
                                                 the week so that there were always three and
Ron and Margaret had done a lot of planning      someƟmes four people on the stand so great
for the display and there was liƩle for me to    credit to BPS members for coming forward and

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