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FROM THE PRESIDENT                               FROM THE EDITOR

Y THE TIME you read this, at the start           HE EDITORIAL TEAM will be most

of May, the ConvenƟon celebraƟng the             interested in your feedback on Small Printer

70th anniversary of the foundaƟon of             now being printed in full colour throughout.

the Society will have come and gone. Clearly I Our impressions are that it makes the magazine

cannot (and would not presume to) write about much beƩer looking, (whatever the quality of the

the weekend, but I sincerely hope that those wriƩen arƟcles). It also gives us much more scope

who were able to aƩend enjoyed their Ɵme at for design and innovaƟon. It is not our intenƟon

Bournemouth.                                     to produce a coffee table book, but to provide you

Unless a miracle has occurred during the         with a more interesƟng magazine and one that
past few weeks, the Society is sƟll seeking an   you will therefore find more rewarding to read. It
AdverƟsing Manager. This is not a parƟcularly    is also hoped that full colour will open up more
onerous task and does not require aƩendance      possibiliƟes for you to send us copy to print. We
at EC meeƟngs. Full details of what is required  are already building up a friendly relaƟonship with
can be obtained from the Secretary but           ‘Moulton Printers’, who have kindly sent in a synopsis
essenƟally it means maintaining contact with     of who they are, that you can read on page 18. (And
our exisƟng adverƟsers, trying to recruit new    they have a Heidelberg Platen!)

ones, and sending out reminders to collect the I was unable to get down to London to help at

adverƟsing fees. Last month I showed that the the BPS stand at IPEX, but can add your voice to

difference between the annual membership          our President in thanking those that manned our

subscripƟon and the cost of producing and        stand. (Thanks also to Len Friend, Ron Watson and

delivering Small Printer is a maƩer of a few     Barry Gilbert for sending in their reports). We are

pounds: adverƟsing generates some £2,000 per publishing all three arƟcles, seeing that being at

annum for the Society and without that income IPEX was a first for the BPS; and the first Ɵme that

the subscripƟon would have to rise accordingly. the BPS has mixed with a more commercial field.

So please, if you feel that you might be able    These exhibiƟons are hard work and can be very

to spare a few hours each month to take on       Ɵring. I will be most interested to know if we gained

this task, please do contact the Secretary. His any new members thereby. From recent efforts to

contact details appear opposite.                 procure a flatbed proofing press, I am astonished at

A ‘first’ for the Society was its appearance at   the near impossibility of finding one for sale - and
IPEX at the end of March. I was able to aƩend    the price thereof if one turns up. LeƩerpress is alive
on two days but a dozen or so members gave       and well. Our society - and this magazine - should be
up their Ɵme to man the stand during the         the natural format to spread the word and proffer
week. I understand that visitor numbers were     advice to the Small Printer, whether hobby or
disappoinƟng but also that aƩendance generally   commercial and of whatever hue.

was lower than anƟcipated. AƩending the          To this end I would like to get more ‘leƩers to

exhibiƟon cost the Society around £1,000 (even the editor’. Whilst we like your general emails, a

though we did not have to pay to be there) but formal leƩer layout (sƟll emailed) can more easily

it was an excellent opportunity to make the      be published and provoke response. So you don’t

wider print world aware of our existence. A      always have to sit down and write a full arƟcle!

very special menƟon of thanks must go to Ron     By the Ɵme you read this the 2014 ConvenƟon
Rookes and his wife, Margaret, together with     at Bournemouth will have come and gone all too
Len Friend, who put up all the magnificent        quickly and we will be looking towards the 2015
displays and–of course–spent a second day        ConvenƟon to be held in Scotland at Montrose.
taking them all down again.

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