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LETTERPRESS                                                  DD II AARRYY
                                                  13th May.......Maidenhead Branch
Adana 8x5's or similar                            Richard Owen, Cookham, Berkshire
         also type                                13th May.......Surrey & Sussex Branch
                                                  meeƟng: Adrian Towler
COCLALSEHCTOINON  S.E.England Area                24th May.......Essex Branch
                                                  Chris Brinson—Arab Day,
                  0844 4484386                    The Haven Press, Holland-on-Sea

  LETTERPRESS POLYMER                             3rd June ........Maidenhead Branch
                                                  Anke Ueberberg, Reading
       BLOCKMAKING                                28th June ......Essex Branch Roadshow
                                                  The WaiƟng Room. St Botolphs, Col.
    24 Hour service. SAE for brochure to:
                                                  8th July..........Maidenhead Branch
     Peacock, 6 William Street,                   Paul Hatcher, Woodley
   Berkhamstead, Herts. HP4 2EL                   12th July........Essex Branch
                                                  Gwen Harper, Wickford
          Tel. 01442 872956                       19th July........Essex Branch
                                                  Pat Walker, The Aspen Press, Orford
                                                  2nd August ....Essex Branch
  SIMPLE – FAST – COST-EFFECTIVE                  Alan Brignull—The Hedgehog Press,
                                                  Adanaland, Wivenhoe
     New & Refurbished Machines always available  4th August.....Maidenhead Branch
          SERVICE – INK – MASTERS                 Barry Gilbert, AŌernoon BBQ, Reading

 T 02380 330611 E                  ƒãã›Äã®ÊÄ
                                                              ěó ÛЛÙÝ
   COPIERS                                            If you are new to the Society and want to find out
     ALWAYS                                           about your local Branch, or if you want to start up
                                                          a new Branch in your area, please contact:

                                                       Bob Edwards Tel: 01252 615439 or

                                                  GROW A BRANCH
                                                   IN YOUR AREA!

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