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BRANCH REPORTS                                kindly offered to design some fliers and Richard
                                                    had offered to print some, but temporarily, for
DORSET BRANCH MARCH                                 no venue. Our Branch Secretary, Paul Hatcher,
Seven members aƩended the March branch              was moved (spiritual intervenƟon?) to look
meeƟng at the home of Liz Nelson. Ron and           at Wokingham Methodist Centre, also in the
Jean had brought along all the items which          town centre. This is a popular place, with
had been printed over the past few months.          several meeƟng rooms which are all booked
The menu for the Annual Dinner and the              on Saturday mornings, but fortunately for us,
goodie bags were completed. The layout for          the floor of the Church itself is available. The
the various funcƟon rooms were planned out          venue looks ideal with quite a lot of room
and adjusted a couple of Ɵmes, but finally           and it should enable us to get a good number
agreed. With a couple of tables available for       of tables in. The Church opens onto a café
those members who always like to leave it late      area with plenty of seaƟng, and sells teas and
before bringing their spare pieces of prinƟng       coffees at £1, plus a range of snacks, from
equipment to sell. We think we are nearly           10 am unƟl midday. We will hire the kitchen
ready. We now have the numbers who will             aŌer this so that aŌernoon visitors can buy
be siƫng down for the Annual Dinner and             refreshments. Another bonus is that the venue
if there are any more, then we will need to         is close to shops and we have a good chance of
change that layout completely. This will mean       aƩracƟng the general public who are passing-
that the numbers will be the same as our last       by.
convenƟon in 2010. We were not sure at all
when the last booking form was sent out we          We look forward to seeing you at the BPS
were going to reach this number.                    Maidenhead Branch Open Day on SATURDAY
                                                    27TH SEPTEMBER from 10.00 am unƟl 3.00 pm
                                        Ron Watson  to be held at Wokingham Methodist Centre,
                                                    Rose Street, Wokingham, Berkshire RG40 1XS.
MAIDENHEAD BRANCH 6TH MARCH AND                     Short-stay and long-stay car parking nearby.
8TH APRIL                                           Watch out for further details.

On Thursday 6th March, Anke, Richard and                                                    Paul Hatcher
Paul met at Bob Edwards’ for the March branch
meeƟng (many thanks to Bob and Jane for                            PRECIS
their hospitality). Most of the meeƟng was
taken up with a discussion of the next branch       MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE
open day. At that Ɵme it looked like this would     EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF THE BRITISH
be held in Wokingham Town Hall. The Town            PRINTING SOCIETY HELD ON SATURDAY
Hall is right in the middle of the town, and so     31ST AUGUST 2013, MERSTHAM, SURREY
this would have been an ideal venue. However,
the condiƟons of hire were such that our            THIS IS an edited version of the minutes. If
insurance wouldn’t cover the event. Organisers      you would like to know the wording in the full
of Open Days - read the small print!                minutes, or would like an explanaƟon of EC
                                                    deliberaƟons or policy, please apply in wriƟng
Thus, back to the drawing board on Tuesday          to the President, Chris Green.
8th April, when six members met at Chris
Daniells’ (many thanks to Chris and Rose for        Present were: President Chris Green (chair),
their hospitality). Well, not quite as Anke had     Vice President Bob Edwards, Councillor Roderic

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