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Based in Blackpool, Lancashire,                   laminaƟng machine; a Horizon combinaƟon
Moulton Printing is a successful                  B2 folding machine and two 12 staƟon flat
family printing business that                     bed booklet making machines: not forgeƫng
provides a wide range of print                    the original Heidelberg 10 x 15” Platen and
services to clients across the UK.                SRA2 Heidelberg cylinder which are now used
                                                  exclusively for cuƫng, creasing and perforaƟng.
       HE PRESS was founded in 1927 by Bob
       and May Moulton when they invested         In 2012, the company added digital prinƟng to
       in a Golding Treadle Platen which they     its exisƟng offset prinƟng with the installaƟon
operated in their living room. Their son, David,  of a Konica Minolta Bizhub C5501. In addiƟon to
took over the reins in 1965 and is sƟll at the    this, in 2013 they invested in the latest colour
forefront of the business today, along with his   management and ink opƟmizing soŌware which
daughters, Cassandra and Helen Moulton.           enables them to improve colour matching
                                                  between the offset and digital machines while
Today the business employs seven members of       also increasing ink efficiency.
staff who handle every part of the print process
from pre-press, proofing, prinƟng through to all   The business is proud of its history and firmly
aspects of finishing and distribuƟon.              believes in the art of prinƟng. Cassie Moulton
                                                  comments: “As one of the oldest industries in the
They work with a wide range of clients, from      world, prinƟng is unique in its heritage, creaƟvity
fine art publishers and art galleries, through to  and innovaƟon. Some printers forget this and
chariƟes, government agencies and many local      trade solely on price and discount-promoƟons.
businesses in Lancashire and throughout Britain.  We differenƟate ourselves through maintaining
                                                  a consistent pricing model and by puƫng our
Moulton PrinƟng prides itself on conƟnually       heritage and values first. Our talented team of
invesƟng in the most modern technology.           printers and finishers take pride in their work
Its current plant list includes: two Presstek     and we really try to promote the art and craŌ
Dimension plate making systems; a Sakurai 5       involved in prinƟng whilst looking to the future
colour B2 perfector with closed-loop colour       by conƟnually invesƟng in state-of-the-art
control, automaƟc ink control and plate feeding;  technology and embracing digital media. Our
a Sakurai 2 colour A2 perfector; a programmaƟc    philosophy is summarised in our company mission
96mm Perfecta guilloƟne; a Jupiter B2             statement: ‘where tradiƟon meets technology’.”
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