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Ron Watson (6955)

“make ready” challenge. From a standing start be creased by removing the cuƫng sƟck and

each entrant had to load the pre-profiled press replacing it with the female creasing channel.

with 250 sheets, load the plates, and complete The male part is then aƩached to the clamp

the job to the colour registraƟon standard   with magnets. The clamp is then brought down

required by the judging panel. The best Ɵme with the foot pedal and creases the material.

ended up at 4 minutes 45 seconds.            On an automaƟc guilloƟne, the programmaƟc

Several digital                                                            system can be used
prinƟng machines                                                           to return the back
were on show and                                                           gauge to the starƟng
one was being used                                                         posiƟon and then
for the producƟon                                                          eject the cover
of the usual daily                                                         aŌer the creasing
newspaper, by                                                              is finished. This
Printweek. As                                                              method is capable
menƟoned above,                                                            of creasing card up
the finishing area                                                          to the thickness of
became the place                                                           2mm.

to find some of                                                             The advent of digital

the best ideas                                                             has provided an

for adding value.                                                          incredible impetus

Folding machines    ¹›ãÖٛÝÝ, ƒÄ ®Ä»¹›ã ÖÙ®Äã®Ä¦ Ñ«®Ä›, çݛ— ãÊ ÖÙʗ瑛  within the finishing
have followed the   㫛 —ƒ®½ù ěóÝփ֛٠ù ÖÙ®Äã󛛻                       area, due to the

trend that started                                                         fragility of the toner

with the prinƟng machines, in that they are  on the paper when folding and creasing,

completely covered in with guards and they   resulƟng in automaƟon on a large scale.

end up looking like pastel coloured boxes.   So much so, that a machine was on display

One very interesƟng idea was found on the    which trims three sides of a book, but it can

Watkiss stand. This company started with a   automaƟcally change the size for any size

circular sheet-collaƟng machine and went on to book in a few seconds. The demonstraƟon

introduce the verƟcal collaƟng machine,

which has been followed by other

companies over the years. They then

took on the dealerships of laminaƟng

machines and small guilloƟnes. It was

in this area where a small company

had invented another way of using the

guilloƟne in a way that has not been

thought of before. All guilloƟnes now

have an hydraulic system for applying the

clamp pressure. This also means that it is

possible to apply the clamp pressure to

squeeze the stack of paper in the machine

in order to remove the air, without the

knife actually cuƫng. This method has        ã«®Ý Ãƒ‘«®Ä› ƒ½½ÊóÝ ¥Ê٠㫛 ٛÃÊòƒ½ Ê¥ 㫛 óƒÝ㛠ƒÙÊçė
been adapted to allow thick covers to        㫛 ‘çã-ÊçãÝ ÊÄ ƒÄ ƒ1 Ý®þ› Ý«››ã

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