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Blake, Joyce & Co, Caslon and others. I            good Ɵme to visit? I plan to be there
snapped up the 1935 Caslon book which              someƟme between mid-May and mid-August,
weights an amazing 4lbs+ and is crammed            probably for 2 or 3 weeks.
with fabulous layouts showing the showing
the company faces (not just Caslon) at their       Any local sales, demonstraƟons, fairs or
very best. It was a real bargain at £40. Colonial  fesƟvals of the prinƟng variety I should try to
Geoff wandered around hugging a large case          be at? Should I bring my own warm beer? Or
of single-type borders. Quite how he will get      can your bars microwave a few boƩles for me?
that back to Oz is a bit of a puzzle.              I look forward to the trip. Like Geoff Moor, I've
                                                   never been much beyond my own backyard
I can vouch for the fact that, like a termite,     (apart from Spain, France, Greece. Belgium,
he stripped the local hostelry of Fosters          Norway, Sweden and Ireland, but they're
adverƟsing and promoƟonal material. Fosters        probably closer to me than some American
is an Australian lager. The phrase "coals to       states are to each other). VisiƟng the USA will
Newcastle" springs to mind. There was a sort       be a very special trip.
of logic to it - their adverƟsing
"down under” is different to                                                                          ƒÝ»›Ùò®½› ʽ— Ýãù½› ãù֛¥ƒ‘›, ¥ÙÊà ã®Ã «ÊÄÄÊÙ'Ý ‘ƒÝ½ÊÄ ãù֛¥ƒ‘› ‘ƒãƒ½Ê¦ç› Ê¥ ϏϗϏϑ
ours. Hmmm.

It's a shame we didn't have
Ɵme to get one of the Adana's
inked up. There are 14 to
choose from, but the one in
the garage is the most fun.
It's a TP/48 and runs at a fixed
speed of 1600iph+. The cat
hides whenever I switch it on.
I'm oŌen tempted to join her.
The throw-off lever is nearly
worn out because the (hand-
fed) beast runs at such a rate,
snapping at your fingers as
you try to retrieve the paper &
card! (l now expect to receive
a flood of emails from printers
worldwide who regularly
hand-feed presses running at

Anyway, the point of this
email is to let those of you in
the San Francisco area know
that I'm popping over for a
few weeks next summer to
pick up a few bargains at M&H
type. Is there a parƟcularly

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