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Bob Richardson (9718)

[...] field of prinƟng knowledge that they may         Richardson reports on
    have. Thus, should I need some help with
    my “Adana TP48 Press”—which actually I            Moor's walkabout in
    do!— then I can find out who to contact.
                                                      London, England
    The details of this arrangement are yet to be
    formalised, but it will probably require the      GEOFF MOOR has now seen almost as
    filling in of a form and your agreement to         much of the UK as I have and I live here! It
    allow us to hold your email and contact details.  was a pleasure to meet him and show him
                                                      around the capital. Unfortunately my feet
    I look forward to meeƟng old friends—and          have a maximum mileage of about 6 per day
    new ones—at Bournemouth in April. And of          and I think we exceeded that on the first
    course Small Printer in FULL COLOUR…...           morning! It's a fact that when you live in a
                                                      place-however famous it may be—you simply
    This next article, recounts one of Geoff Moor's    DON'T visit the tourist places. AŌer spending
    sorties to the UK and was written by Bob          the last 26 years in London (I'm originally from
    Richardson (9718) in 2002. It was published in    England's frozen North) I have to admit that
    'The Printer', a newspaper that was produced by   I'd never been to Westminster Abbey. Geoff
    Mike Phillips in Ohio. Mike was a fairly regular  gently twisted my arm and I'm glad we did
    attendee at Conventions, and was the Guest        the tour. In fact it was a very pleasant three
    of Honour at Rippon in 1993. Is anyone still      days altogether, with perhaps the excepƟon
    in touch with him? And Geoff—"Good on you          of Horrid's, sorry, I meant Harrod's. Every
    Mate"—please keep coming over from Western        visitor wants to see the great department
    Australia to see us.                              store, but the locals generally avoid it like the
                                                      plague. Everything is over-priced, although
                                                      I have to admit that the famous Food Hall is
                                                      an experience to be savoured. Anyway, we
                                                      braved the crowds and did baƩle against
                                                      the French, German and Japanese shoppers,
                                                      emerging relaƟvely unscathed. The highlight
                                                      was the Open Day in Essex. I've been going
                                                      there for the last four (maybe 5) years and
                                                      always try to get there for 10am or earlier,
                                                      because the BPS members wiII snap up any
                                                      unusual bargains as they emerge from the
                                                      boot (trunk) of the seller’s car. Alas, there
                                                      were road works which delayed us by about
                                                      40 minutes. The good news is that it also
                                                      delayed the other vultures and there were
                                                      bargains to be had. The straps on my bag were
                                                      stretched to breaking point with all the lead
                                                      inside it. Geoff HuleƩ produced an amazing
                                                      selecƟon of over a dozen ancient typeface
                                                      catalogues from Miller & Richard, Stephenson

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