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Come and visit us                         OFFICIAL
       on Stand
   N5-C374                        Non Executive Officer

 PreparaƟons are now well          ADVERTISING
 under way for our stand at          MANAGER
 Ipex 2014 at the ExCeL in the
 heart of London’s Docklands.    THE Society is looking for some-
                                 one to manage those who adver-
 TransportaƟon links are         tise or wish to advertise in the
 easy from London’s Main         Society’s publications.
 Line StaƟons using the
 Underground and Docklands       If you are interested in applying
 Light Railway which has         would you please contact the
 staƟons situated outside the    Secretary for more information.
 ExCeL Centre. Register for
 your free admission Ɵcket      Annual General Meeting of the British
 today and save £30.00.         Printing Society to be held at the Days
                                Hotel, Bournemouth, on Saturday 26th
 The Society has it’s own       April 2014.
 registraƟon page at:
 registraƟon-BPS/ or click on   Ϗ. ƒÖʽʦ®›Ý ¥ÊÙ ƒÝ›Ä‘›
 the Ipex banner at the top of  ϐ. îÄçã›Ý Ê¥ 㫛 ƒ¦Ã «›½—
 the Society’s Home Page
                                   ÊÄ Ϗϑã« ƒÖÙ®½ ϐώϏϑ ƒã 㫛                 «Ê½®—ƒù ®ÄÄ, ‘ʽ‘«›Ýã›Ù
                                ϑ. Ããã›ÙÝ ƒÙ®Ý®Ä¦
 We look forward to meeƟng      ϒ. 㫛 ƒÄÄ烽 ٛÖÊÙã ¥ÊÙ
 you between 24th -29th March.     㫛 Ýʑ®›ãù ¥ÊÙ ϐώϏϑ
                                ϓ. ƒ‘‘ÊçÄãÝ ƒÄ— ƒ½ƒÄ‘› Ý«››ã ¥ÊÙ ϐώϏϑ
4                               ϔ. ƒÄÄ烽 ÝçÝ‘Ù®Öã®ÊÄ ¥ÊÙ ϐώϏϒͭϏϓ
                                ϕ. ƒÖÖÊ®ÄãÛÄã Ê¥ ƒ‘‘ÊçÄãƒÄãÝ
                                   ¥ÊÙ ϐώϏϒͭϏϓ
                                ϖ. ›½›‘ã®ÊÄ Ê¥ «ÊÄÊكÙù ÛЛÙÝ
                                ϗ. ›½›‘ã®ÊÄ Ê¥ ›ø›‘çã®ò›
                                   ‘Êçđ®½ ¥ÊÙ ϐώϏϒͭϏϓ
                                Ϗώ. ¥çãçٛ ‘ÊÄò›Äã®ÊÄÝ
                                ϏϏ. ‘½ÊݮĦ ٛÃٻÝ
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